Best Of 2015 – #16

Triumphant #16The countdown rolls on today with the album and recorded song ranked 16th among the best of 2015.  Triumphant (Quartet) have been a top of the most popular quartet list now for several years.  The stable vocal line-up of David Sutton, Clayton Inman, Scott Inman and Eric Bennett has helped in that success.

The group has been good at churning out at least one new recording a year.  2015 saw the release of Living In Harmony.  I don’t believe it is too early to start treating Triumphant’s success the same way we viewed the success of quartets like the Cathedrals (’80s/’90s), Gold City (’80s/’90s) and the Kingsmen (’80s).

The group’s song selection and vocal stability can only continue that success.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Amazing God”, “Living In Harmony”, “I Belong To Jesus”, “Jesus Must Have Been Here”, “A Friend Called Grace”, “Made For Gold” and “Living In The Promised Land”.

Collingsworth #16From one fan favorite to the next, the Collingsworth Family has been a top the favorite mixed group list in Southern Gospel music now for several years.

As each year passes and each new album is released, the group is still lacking that definitive song.  They have plenty of noteworthy songs, but not one you can immediately associate with the Collingsworth Family.

That Day Is Coming landed at retail in September.  There was one song that stood out and found a home among the best recorded songs of the year.  Rachel McCutcheon and Dianna Norton penned “He Will Abide”, #16 among the best of 2015.

*Video Credit (#TheCollingsworthFamily)


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