Best Of 2015 – #18

Brady #18Another new artist finds a home in the countdown today.  The Jim Brady Trio won breakthrough (new) artist of the year by the readers of this blog for the 2nd annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors.

The trio started the year by releasing their debut album, A New Chapter, in January 2015.  Instant name recognition and the songwriting talents of Jim and Melissa Brady make for a dangerous combination in an industry where it can be tough to get listeners to recognize your music.

The album contains one of the greatest song covers in Southern Gospel music.  Melissa Brady is featured on the Squire Parsons classic, “The Greatest Of All Miracles” to make it a better version than the original by Gold City.  When determining the best Southern Gospel albums released in 2015, it wasn’t difficult to list the Jim Brady Trio’s, A New Chapter at #18.

Personal favorites from this recording include: “The Greatest Of All Miracles”, “Steppin’ Out In Faith”, “When He Saved Me”, “The Half That’s Never Been Told”, “That Sounds Like Home To Me”, “God Of What’s To Come” and “If It Had Not Been”.

KPNR #18Even in the midst of another personnel change, Karen Peck and New River is celebrating another great year in Southern Gospel music.  The release of the album, Pray Now, in April of this year gave Southern Gospel music one of the biggest songs of 2015 with the title track.

The album had quite a few songs worth mentioning and was one of only two recordings released this year to land two songs in the annual countdown.  “Redemption’s Holy Lamb” is one of the most different musical arrangements I’ve heard this year.  The song uses a celtic style melody while the trio tend to use a bluegrass influence in their vocal interpretation of the song.

Benji Coward, Kenna Turner West and Karen came together to write the song that lands at #18 among the best recorded in 2015.

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)

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