Best Of 2015 – #19

Talleys #19The annual countdown continues today with the album and song ranked 19th.  The Talleys have been providing audiences progressive Southern Gospel music for over 30 years.  Next week, their newest album, After All This Time, will hit retailers.

The Talleys bounced back after the mediocre release, The Test Of Time in 2014.  After All This Time gives listeners the obligatory Debra feature, while Lauren continues her winning streak of picking the right song.

The Talleys went back to their 1984 debut Canaan Records album, Wherever I Am, to re-record the hit single, “Naaman”.  After All This Time has enough memorable moments to find a home at #19 among the best albums of 2015.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “There Is Coming A Day”, “My Hope Is In The Lord”, “After All This Time”, “Naaman”, “This Thing Called Grace”, “Somebody’s Story” and “Jesus’ Blood Is Enough”.

Parrack #19There were several breakthrough (new) artists to find a home in the annual top 20 list.  Yesterday, the Jordan Family Band landed a song at #20.  Today, another new artist, Jay Parrack and Vocal Event land at #19 among the best recorded songs of 2015.

There were several songs from the group’s album, Sometimes He Whispers, that could have easily found a home in the top 20.  The song that stood out among them all and staked a claim to #19 for the year is the Michael Card penned tune, “I Have Decided”.

It is not very often that up-tempo songs stand out among a sea of 396 songs and this year’s best recorded songs only have a couple of stand out up-tempo numbers.

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One thought on “Best Of 2015 – #19

  1. I Have Decided… supports my theory that current southern gospel is just the CCM I grew up on with harmonies pulled up higher in the mix… ’80’s Amy Grant recut as 2015’s SG. Haha!

    I enjoy your blog.

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