Best Of 2015 – #20

Steeles #20Today, embarks on a 20 day journey of the best Southern Gospel albums and recorded songs of 2015.  One of my favorite series’ of the year is bringing you my annual countdown of the best in Southern Gospel music.

I reviewed 36 new Southern Gospel album releases in 2015.  These are the twenty that stood out above the rest.  To kick off the countdown at #20 is the new recording from the Steeles.  After being off the Southern Gospel scene for a decade, the Steeles returned in 2014 with a hit single, “But God”.

The group took that success and channeled it in to a new recording.  Without A Sound was a collection of Steele covers and new material.  One thing the Steeles did with the covers was re-record them and add some fresh arrangements making for a newly revamped Steeles that is ready to let the Southern Gospel world know they are back.

Personal favorites from this recording include: “He Went All The Way”, “But God”, “Who’s At The Door”, “I Have Been Blessed”, “Say So”, “Sing Praise” and “We’re All Human”.

JFB #20There were 396 songs found on the 36  recordings reviewed in 2015.  Of all 396 songs, I narrowed down to what I felt to be the twenty best recorded songs of the year.

New family group, the Jordan Family Band caught my attention at the end of last year.  They released their new recording in January of 2015.  I am always pleased when I find talented new groups in Southern Gospel music.

The Jordan Family Band is one of those groups.  Josh and Randa Jordan along with their three sons; Hutch, Alex and Grant comprise the group.  One thing that stood out to me is the talent of the boys vocally.  Of all the songs released on recording in 2015, the Jordan Family Band’s “My God Is So Good To Me” ranks 20th.  One of the most played songs in my musical playlists this year.

*Video Credit (#JordanFamilyBand)


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