Best Album/Recorded Song List Of 2015

kingdomheirs2015newlook150mylonhayes2015devoted150It is that time of year where you allow me to indulge myself and present one of my favorite series’ of the year.  I listen to a ton of Southern Gospel music every year.  A positive when writing a blog is the majority of new Southern Gospel album releases, I have a chance to review.  Each December, after all the reviews are done, I present what I consider the 20 best albums and recorded songs for the year.  The count down will begin Friday (12/04/15), after I have a chance to wrap up the 2nd Annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors.  Now that all the polls are closed, all the winners will be announced in one post tomorrow.

Click on the thumbnail to see the alphabetical list of albums reviewed this year that will be competing for one of the top twenty slots:

2015 List


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