Least Remarkable Song Series – #11

Today, we continue the least remarkable song series and the song ranked 11th.  This particular song is the most recent of all the songs on the list having been recorded/released in 2013.

The Browns have always been known for their ‘cute kid schtick’ from the first time they burst on the Southern Gospel scene.  When the kids were young and they would play the fiddles and do their routine, it was fun.

The kids are all adults now, so the ‘cute kid schtick’ just doesn’t work anymore.  On the group’s 2013 recording, Love Loud, the Browns recorded a song, penned by Bill Staines, titled; “A Place In The Choir”.  From the first time I heard it, I thought it was a gospel version of ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’.  I didn’t quite understand the age group they were attempting to market the song.

For a Sunday School song for kids to learn, it is great but for a mainstream Southern Gospel album and then to release it to radio, boggled my mind.

Here is a YouTube clip of the song ranked 11th among the least remarkable in the history of Southern Gospel music; “A Place In The Choir”.

*Video Credit (#TheBrowns)


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