Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  Gordon Jensen is credited as one of Southern Gospel’s greatest songwriters, having penned such classics as “Bigger Than Any Mountain”, “God Has Not Changed”, “I Should Have Been Crucified”, “It Made News In Heaven”, “Jesus Will Outshine Them All”, “Redemption Draweth Nigh” and “Tears Are A Language God Understands” to name a few.  The majority of Gordon’s songs were introduced to the Gospel music world by the Orrells; a group Gordon performed with in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s alongside Wayne Hilton and Larry Orrell.

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)


One thought on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. Yes, I agree with you. Gordon Jensen wrote some great songs. I have three of the albums from the Orrells. Larry Orell’s father, Lloyd Orrell, was the gospel promoter who brought most of the well known groups to Detroit, Indianapolis, Toledo, Dayton, Flint and many other midwest cities, if memory serves me right. Those groups included the Blackwoods, Stamps, Imperials, Rambos, Goodmans, Speers, LeFevres, Gaithers and many more and, of course, the Orrells. Lots of good memories of going to the “all-night” gospel sings at the 5,000 seat Masonic Temple in Detroit.

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