Least Remarkable Song Series – #15

inspirations1976anniversaryalbummaxThe least remarkable song series continues this week with the song ranked 15th.  Southern Gospel music, more than any other musical genre, has had more songs written about mama.

The 1970’s had plenty of mama songs from “Mama” to “Mama’s Last Amen” to “Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama” to “Mama Needs No Marker” to “Mama’s Alto” to “Mama’s Bible” to “Hello Mama”.  You get the picture.

While the majority will agree they love their mama and several ‘mama’ songs are good, the majority come off cheesy.  Of all the ‘mama’ songs written in the history of the genre, the least remarkable is the song ranked 15th; “Shake Hands With Mother Again”.

I believe the song can be attributed to W.A. Berry and was first recorded in Southern Gospel music in 1967.  The most noted version of the song came from the Inspirations in the 1970’s, recorded on their 12th Anniversary Live recording in 1976.

Why is this particular ‘mama’ song the least remarkable?  I believe the last thing one would do when they see their mother again is shake her hand.  You’re not conducting a business transaction.  Here is the Inspirations version of the song, “Shake Hands With Mother Again”.


3 thoughts on “Least Remarkable Song Series – #15

  1. hahah thats terrible. Why would Jesus command you to shake hands with mother? American Christianity at its finest 🙂

    At least its peppy and has a high ending!

  2. I agree that this one is cheesy because I can’t imagine shaking hands with my mother instead of hugging her tightly, but I don’t agree that most of the songs about mother are cheesy. There is a special relationship with a mother that even a father can’t duplicate in most people’s lives, so it was pretty natural for our great writers and others to write about their mothers.

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