2015 NQC – Friday Night Recap

Dixie Echoes (300x218)Just one night remains for the 2015 edition of the National Quartet Convention.  It was literally a snooze fest for most of the evening as I nodded off several times only to be awakened by a high note.  There were some hits.  Lets get to it.

  • One moment toward the end that woke me up was the Dixie Echoes.  How refreshing to hear just the voices accompanied by piano and bass guitar.  The group showcased a new tenor on the quartet classic, “Hide Thou Me”.  And, Randy can still get it done vocally with a song like “How Great Thou Art”.
  • The Hoppers set was a hit parade of their three biggest songs of the last twenty years; “I’ve Come Too Far”, “Jerusalem” and “Shouting Time”.  Watching Connie during that set, you could see she was happy to be back on the stage.
  • I enjoy the new vocal blend of the Kingdom Heirs with Brian Alvey on lead and Arthur Rice on baritone.
  • Claude Hopper was a trooper helping emcee the entire program tonight.  Michael kept him on track and even made for some funny moments.

  • Friday night of the NQC is still missing that spark it had when the Gaither Vocal Band was on the program.  I also miss seeing the Isaacs this year.
  • The webcast had sound issues early on in the program that eventually cleared.
  • Overall it wasn’t an eventful evening.  I don’t see many memorable moments made tonight that will have people talking and sharing.  The entire 2015 edition of the NQC has had very few moments that fans will remember and share.

**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “When He Carries Me Away” – Collingsworth Family  (2) “What A Meeting” – Childress Family (**Favorite song performance of the evening)  (3) “There Is Jesus” – McKameys  (4) “I’m Depending On Jesus” – Dixie Melody Boys  (5) “I’ve Come Too Far” – Hoppers  (6) “Crumbs From The Table” – Dixie Echoes  (7) “He Locked The Gates” – Kingdom Heirs  (8) “Lay Up Treasures” – Jubilee Segment

Best Set of the Night:  The set I enjoyed the most this evening was the Dixie Echoes.


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