2015 NQC – Thursday Night Recap

Canton Junction (300x300)The night started in the same vein as last night and I thought I was in for another long night.  But, the skies opened and the music performances got progressively better.  Here are Thursday’s hit and misses.

  • After seeing them in concert last week in North Carolina, I was excited to see what Canton Junction was going to stage tonight.  They did not disappoint with four great song choices.  Did I tell you how much I love the song; “Tumbling Down”!
  • How great was it to see former Perrys members join them on stage for “I Wish I Could Have Been There”.  Lets see; there was Loren Harris, Joseph Habedank, Mike Bowling, Nick Trammell and Debra Perry.  I think I got everyone.
  • The Mylon Hayes Family continue to impress.  They continue to rise in the ranks of groups that I want to keep in my musical playlists.  Their set tonight was technically perfect.
  • I have already told you how much I love Jeff & Sheri Easter’s, “Jesus Loves You”.  I can’t get enough this song.  Thank you Sheri for penning what will go down as one of the best songs of 2015!
  • The Taylors continue to bring that classic mixed quartet Southern Gospel sound to the stage.  Their style is reminiscent of the great mixed groups of the 1970’s/1980’s.
  • After the splash they made at last year’s NQC, it was bittersweet to know tonight was the Old Paths last set at NQC, since they are coming off the road in December.
  • I am surprised the NQC didn’t have full afternoon showcases of some of these finale events.  I know they did the Cathedral reunion showcase, but a heritage of gold and even a full Booth Brothers/EHSS showcase would have been nice.  I have enjoyed these finale segments each evening.

  • Thank you NQC for nearly ruining a great musical flow.  Things were really getting good with the sets of the Perrys, Mylon Hayes Family, Canton Junction and Jeff & Sheri Easter back to back, when you decide to bring on another individual to peddle his new book.  It took the wind right out of my musical enjoyment.  Why give this guy nearly ten minutes to hawk a book when he has an entire hour tomorrow to convince everyone to buy it.
  • As I mentioned at the start, I thought tonight was going to be a repeat of last night.  Four of the first five artists on the stage were train wrecks.  I’ll let you figure out which one of the five wasn’t.


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “Mercy Walked In” – Gordon Mote  (2) “Long Live The King” – Old Paths  (3) “As We Speak” – Greater Vision  (4) “There’s Still A Refuge” – Mylon Hayes Family  (5) “Tumbling Down” – Canton Junction  (6) “Jesus Loves You” – Jeff & Sheri Easter (**Favorite song performance of the evening)  (7) “He’s My Guide” – Taylors

Best Set of the Night:  I’ll have to give the honor this evening to Canton Junction.


9 thoughts on “2015 NQC – Thursday Night Recap

  1. Bryan Walker was also on stage with the Perrys. That was one of my favorite moments, I love seeing former members make appearances with a group. And I agree with you on the finales, well worth staying for.

  2. Former members appearing for a song or two with their former group is, to me, one of the biggest highlights and draws of an event like NQC. I wish such opportunities were taken advantage of more.

  3. I cannot agree with your comments on Canton Junction. In my estimation Canton Junction was the biggest DISAPPOINTMENT of the 2015 NQC so far.

      1. In person, Canton Junction’s band was insanely loud last night. Couldn’t understand the singers. I texted some friends that if live bands were going to be that loud, I’d take tracks.

      2. I was watching on the webcast, and I noticed quite a few pitch problems on both the top and bottom end. While I liked their song selection, their performance of those songs left me disappointed.

        On a somewhat related note, I wish they would apply SOME effects to the webcast audio. It sounded so dry all week. I imagine they do use effects for the audience in the LeConte Center, but I noticed none on the webcast.

  4. I really enjoyed Soul’d Out. I like their sound. the only disappointment with their set was that it was the exact songs they sang last year. I with Soul’d Out and Canton Junction had more than one set. CJ’s band was really loud in the live setting but I had no problem hearing the vocals. I too could do without Dr. Jeremiah, especially when it takes 10 minutes off of Trammell’s set. With the popularity of the Cathedral Reunion they would be smart to add Showcases each day with reunions from other groups like Gold City, the Perrys & the Kingsmen. They really missed the boat like you said about doing Showcases based on the previous night’s finally.

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