2015 NQC – Monday Night Recap

Triumphant (300x300)Night two of the 2015 National Quartet Convention has wrapped.  A nice broad spectrum of artists graced the stage tonight.  Here were the hits and misses.

  • Triumphant Quartet continues to prove why they are fan favorites.  Their set was cohesive from beginning to end and vocally one of the best sounding groups of the night.
  • It is good to see Mylon Hayes training up his children on how to sing properly.  The same lessons he got from his mom and dad, Lucy and Howard Hayes.  It is nice to see the Hayes Family legacy continue in Southern Gospel music.
  • Speaking of being taught to sing properly, how about the Renaissance Quartet.  These young adults schooled many of the established groups on the stage tonight in terms of harmony, diction and singing on key.  Great job!
  • Jeff & Sheri Easter also turned in one of the best sets of the evening.  Singing material from their newest recording Small Town.  “Jesus Loves You” is easily one of the best recorded songs of 2015.
  • But one song that may have that beat is Karen Peck & New River’s “Pray Now”.  It will be hard pressed to find another song that has defined 2015 for Southern Gospel music.  The group showed off newest male vocalist, Ricky Braddy.  While he went a little too far vocally with “Were You There”, he still showed what kind of vocalist he is and will be for the group.
  • It was nice to hear a couple of classic tunes from Gold City including one that I haven’t heard in over 20 years.  They opened with “Gettin’ Ready To Leave”, which was originally recorded by the group on their 1983 recording, I Think I’ll Read It Again.  Will we find this on a future Gold City recording?
  • Classic quartet music was provided by Freedom Quartet who opened with “One Way Flight”.  I have always enjoyed this song.
  • The program was only running ten minutes behind tonight.  Not too bad.

  • I am really not in the business of giving history lessons but Scott Fowler, I am going to have to call you out.  While the founding fathers may have used Judeo-Christian principles, they never intended to establish a national religion that all citizens/government had to follow.  The United States has never been nor is currently a Theocracy.  Please go and read the writings of John Adams, James Madison (author of the Constitution), Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson on what their actual thoughts/views were on religion and the separation of church and state.  Thomas Jefferson was a deist who did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah or the incarnate Son of God.  All of these men were instrumental in providing counsel on both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  I guess the truth can be inconvenient when you’re trying to generate revenue.
  • Why does the Convention board feel the need to trounce out Fox News correspondents just about every year.  Again, for revenue’s sake, a man peddling a book about something that is not even happening in America.  These same individuals were touting this falsehood thirty years ago.  Give me just one instance of legitimate Christian persecution in America and I will reconsider my thoughts.
  • Not to raise an issue of sexism, but why does every night of the NQC have father and sons as emcees?  I have zero problems with that but couldn’t they have switched it up and also had mothers and daughters emcee several nights.


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “The Sweetest Words He Ever Said” – Mylon Hayes Family  (2) “Jesus Loves You” – Jeff & Sheri Easter  (3) “Go Out Singing” – Whisnants  (4) “Love Them To Jesus” – Old Paths  (5) “Pray Now” – Karen Peck & New River (*Best Individual Performance of the Night)  (6) “Gettin’ Ready To Leave” – Gold City  (7) “Jesus Will” – Wilburn & Wilburn  (8) “I’m Standing On The Solid Rock” – Renaissance Quartet  (9) “Because He Loved Me” – Triumphant Quartet

Best Set of the Night:  A very nice close to the evening.  Best set goes to Triumphant Quartet.


19 thoughts on “2015 NQC – Monday Night Recap

  1. Thanks Steve for the recap. I’m in agreement with you. I am tired of NQC getting so political. One thing I’ve noticed is that the background at NQC has been darkened as if to keep you from seeing how many empty seats there are. In Louisville, you could easily tell the crowd was down. Was it me, or did the track to ‘Shouting Time’ in the end with Hoppers & Triumphant etc. sound like it was slow and wobbly?

  2. I’m not sure what was stated, but I very much agree with you, Steve, that the founding fathers did not advocate for a State religion. However, the term separation of church and state is not found in the Constitution itself and is often times misused. In fact, my understanding is the first time it was used in a letter to the Danbury Baptists, Thomas Jefferson talked about it as a “great wall of separation” between the church and State in order to protect the church from government intrusion. But it should cut both ways and in order for all our religious freedoms to be protected, that means protecting everyone’s freedom of religion, speech, assembly, etc.

    1. Thanks Jerry, you always seem to clarify what I am trying to convey. I was aware separation of church and state was first stated with Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists and not written in the constitution.

      Scott Fowler is selling some new ‘patriotic’ bible and he conveyed what a certain segment of evangelicals believe, that America was founded as a Christian nation. I just wanted to counter that by stating that is not historical fact. I don’t know where the misconception started among certain religious denominations that relay that to their congregations as fact.

      A little history lesson would quickly find that is incorrect. From a history buff, like myself, I find it irritating when someone states something that is totally contrary to historical fact.

  3. Steve, thanks for bringing some “clarity” to the conversation. Scott has always been a rah, rah guy when it comes to politics and/or revisionist history. I don’t know if his passion clouds the details or as Pres. Reagan said, “It isn’t so much that (Scott is) ignorant. It’s just that (he) know(s) so many things that aren’t so.” LOL!
    Love your work Steve.

  4. hehehe.. SG artists are selling some “patriotic” version of the Bible now? Taking advantage of gullible elderly that have lost some of their brain capacity is just not nice, but on the other hand, some entertainers are not burdened with finely tuned sense of morality.

    1. Ode, I think his sales pitch was actually directed to the middle-aged parents in the room. He introduced the topic by sharing how he & his wife pulled his 2 sons out of public school. Of course, there was enthusiastic cheer from the middle-aged crowd.

      Either way, I’ve never been really fond of someone trying to sell the Bible. It commercializes the Gospel too much. If I ever sell someone a Bible, I don’t want it to every appear that I or some “non-profit” organization (or whoever else for that matter) profit from it.

      Succinctly, adding Founding Fathers’ documents to the Bible just makes it look CHEAP. And the Bible is supposed to be a priceless treasure.

      I’ve enjoyed Legacy Five since they started 16 years back, but this has always been a part that pushed me away from ardently following them. Marketing or Pushing CD’s is one thing, but a special “Patriotic” Bible (or a “Gaither” Bible) is an entirely different thing. The type of thing that makes Southern Gospel’s impact shrink and shrink and shrink.

      1. Excellent points, Andrew. They reap what is sown. Most of those SG shysters believe the existing market share is enough to last them a while, so they work the crowd in the most profitable for themselves way.

        Their version of ‘Christianity’ is the product they pedal.

  5. Hey, I worked a gig with the Blackwood Brothers years ago and while standing in the wings I just KNEW that Cecil was going to throw in a “Free autographed picture of Jesus” with his Bible and record pitch. James pulled him back just in time!!! LOL, LOL

    1. Funny story about the Blackwoods. I’ve heard their record pitches were some of the worst. I agree with what Andrew commented yesterday; the Gospel (ie, Bible) should be free to all. For individuals to profit from selling it, is just….

    1. I can’t say for sure because the book he carried on stage had no cover. It was a plain blue book without a cover. Scott claimed the book was selling for $70 in the bookstores and they were selling it for $40. If this is the same book, it looks like you can get it through Amazon for less than $20. Can you say fleecing the flock.

  6. Like it or not politics and southern gospel seem to be forever entwined. Whether right or wrong artists use it to drum up certain feelings of patriotism and it makes people more likely to buy things like a “patriotic bible”.

    As for that particular Bible that L5 is peddling I believe the original retail price was close to 70 dollars. So Scott does what all good salesman do and that’s making people think they are getting a good deal. I also don’t think Scott needs a history lesson as he is very well schooled. He just either wants to see things a certain way (whether factual or not) or make more money or both. 90 percent of major Southern Gospel acts are almost strictly business, and L5 is most definitely in that group. Whether right or wrong it is their right, and I respect them for that…

    1. That is the same one you can get off of Amazon for under $20. I guess it comes down to buying it from the group for $40 or getting it from Amazon for $20.

      And why in the world would a Christian Book online store be selling it for $70 if you can get if for far less?

      1. I still don’t believe that Scott would calculatedly swindle people out of money like a shyster would, but I could believe that he is simply oblivious to the kind of discounts Amazon offers. Someone should bring him into the 21st century a little bit.

      2. That is the original retail price from 2012. Book stores always sell for more than you can get it from Amazon and other retailers. You see a wide variety of price ranges on the same bibles at say Family Christian stores or life way.

        The way a southern gospel group looks at selling products like this to me is the same as selling their own albums. They sell their albums for 15-20 dollars when you can get it on amazon or iTunes for 10 dollars is that considered ‘fleecing’? So it’s a personal preference if you want to save money buy it from major retailer, or support your favorite group by paying more. And every group does this for all types of products. EHSS was selling Frisbees at NQC for quite a bit more than you can buy them at the local dollar store. And other groups are peddling all kinds of random things besides music. It’s up to the the consumer whether or not these practices continue, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

      3. I bought one of these bibles from L5, and the barcode on the slip cover that details what it is about, shows a retail price of 69.99. So in that sense L5 selling it for $40 is a good deal. Also I bought it to help support a group I enjoy rather than pay amazon. Don’t believe there is anything wrong with that.

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