Whatever The Road: Jason Crabb

Jason CrabbGRADE:  A-

  • Album – Whatever The Road
  • Artist – Jason Crabb
  • Label – Sony Music Entertainment
  • Style – Progressive, Modern Country, Pop
  • Release Date – 09/18/15
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)


Jason Crabb continues to forge his own success by not being confined to stylistic labels.  His music stretches just enough to appeal to a broader audience while staying true to what his fans have come to expect since his days with the Crabb Family.

Crabb continues that winning streak with the release of his newest effort, Whatever The Road.  This is Crabb’s first recording to be released under Sony Music’s Provident label.

Whatever The Road is a ten song collection of new music.  Taking progressive Southern Gospel music and adding modern country and pop sounds to create just the right balance of listening enjoyment.  Also a shout out to Jason for collaborating on writing eight of the ten songs.


  • The album starts strong with the modern country-style song, “Never Gonna Let Me Go”.  This song sets the mood for the rest of the recording.  I keep going back to this song more than any other on the recording.  A must listen.
  • The album book-ends well as the closing track, a collab between Crabb and Jimmy Yeary, “Mysterious Ways” leaves the listener wanting more.  This country-style tune would make a strong choice for Southern Gospel radio as it relays the story of God’s mysterious miracle-working power.
  • It is good to see Jason record at least one of his father’s compositions on his solo recordings.  The one Gerald Crabb penned tune, “Home”, is another strong Southern Gospel radio single choice.  While I don’t know the story surrounding the song, I would not be surprised if it was inspired by the Crabb’s grandmother, who passed last year.
  • Jason’s first choice for single to Southern Gospel radio was “He Won’t Leave You There”.  When you combine the songwriting efforts of Michael Farren, Wayne Haun and Don Poythress, as a listener you know you are in for a treat.  Being reminded that the Lord won’t leave you in the life you left behind is reassuring.
  • Jason conjures pop star Phil Phillips in the song “This Life For You”.  If you have heard Phil’s song, “Home”, then you will know what I am talking about in the arrangement for “This Life For You”.
  • Another pop flavored song that deserves a mention is “Chance For A Miracle”.  No matter what you are going through, if you are believing for a miracle, don’t give up.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Never Gonna Let Me Go”, “Home”, “Chance For A Miracle”, “He Won’t Leave You There”, “Mysterious Ways”, “This Life For You” and “If I Shout”.
  • The only song on the album that fell a bit flat was the mainstream country song, “It’s A Good Life”.  Sony may want to consider sending this to mainstream country radio, as it could find some success.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “It’s A Good Life”.


Whatever The Road is one of the best Gospel albums I have heard so far in 2015.  With the year coming to an end, there is no doubt this recording will find a home in my annual countdown of Southern Gospel’s best album releases of the year.  Many will argue that Jason Crabb can no longer be classified as Southern Gospel.  As long as his music continues to be marketed to Southern Gospel audiences and Jason continues to be a main attraction on many of Southern Gospel’s biggest concerts, then he has a home alongside other Southern Gospel artists.

SONG (Style) – Songwriter:  1. “Never Gonna Let Me Go” (Modern Country) – Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill  2. “Chance For A Miracle” (Pop) – Hank Bentley, Jason Crabb, Mia Fields, Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury  3. “He Knows What He’s Doing” (Progressive SG) – Jason Crabb, Jason Ingram  4. “If I Shout” (Modern Country) – Jason Crabb, Michael Farrren, Tony Wood  5. “He Won’t Leave You There” (Progressive SG) – Jason Crabb, Michael Farren, Wayne Haun, Don Poythress  6. “Home” (Country) – Gerald Crabb  7. “This Life For You” (Pop) – Jason Crabb, Jonathan Smith, Tony Wood  8. “It’s A Good Life” (Modern Country) – Jason Crabb, Jason Ingram   9. “Opened Up My Eyes” (Progressive SG) – Jason Crabb, Jason Ingram  10. “Mysterious Ways” (Country) – Jason Crabb, Jimmy Yeary

*Video Credit (#JasonCrabb)


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