The Griffith Family: Griffith Family

grffithfamily2015griffithmax (300x300)GRADE:  B-

  • Album – The Griffith Family
  • Artist – Griffith Family
  • Label – Mansion Entertainment
  • Style – Progressive, Country
  • Release Date – 09/18/15
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)


Another week, another introduction to a new group.  This time is it mixed vocal trio, the Griffith Family.  Based in Dandridge Tennessee, the group is releasing their self titled debut album for Mansion Entertainment.

The group is composed of Tony Griffith (lead), Julie Griffith (alto) and Amber Smith (Soprano).  The group’s sound/style can be related to that of the Bowling Family, 11th Hour and Karen Peck & New River.

The Griffith Family’s self titled debut features nine new songs along with a cover of Austin Bridge’s, “He’s In Control”.  How was this musical introduction?  Lets find out.


  • I believe I got it right, but considering I’m listening to the group for the first time I may have mixed the female vocalists in the group.  With that said, vocalist Amber Smith has the two strongest songs on the recording.
  • The John Mathis/Rebecca Peck penned, “Let It Fall” featuring Amber is the stand out track on the recording.  The song takes a progressive Southern Gospel arrangement and makes for a great listening experience.  The song speaks of knowing that the Lord will let the things we need in this life to fall into place, even when we can’t see how.
  • The next Amber feature that should be considered for Southern Gospel radio is the ballad, “Grace Can Handle That”.  Amber’s feature along with the group’s harmony is a must listen.
  • Tony Griffith has a bit of Mike Bowling in his vocal that suits the group’s country-style well.  The album’s opening mid-tempo country tune, “He Gave Me Grace” sets the tone for what the listener can expect from the rest of the album.
  • I have always enjoyed Austin Bridge’s, “He’s In Control”.  While the Griffith Family’s cover doesn’t come close to the original, it still allows the trio to show off their strong harmony.
  • Tony and wife, Julie trade verses on another stand out song; “I’m Here Because Jesus Went There”.  Another song I could have easily heard the Bowling Family tackle.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Grace Can Handle That”, “Let It Fall”, “I’m Here Because Jesus Went There”, “What The Sparrow Knows”, “He Gave Me Grace” and “He’s In Control”.
  • As with last week’s review of the Pruitt Family; the listener can hear room for growth in the debut effort from the Griffith Family.  That will come with time.
  • The only song that seemed a bit much for the group to tackle vocally was “Jesus Did What He Came To Do”.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Jesus Did What He Came To Do”.


I always enjoy being introduced to new Southern Gospel music.  For every ten group’s that attempt to ‘make it’ in Southern Gospel, I would venture to say one of those ten actually find some bit of success.  The Griffith Family will continue to hone their craft and I believe we will still be hearing about this group a couple of years from now.  Give their debut recording a listen and decide for yourself.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “He Gave Me Grace”/Tony – Glen Bates, Tony Griffith  2. “I’m Here Because Jesus Went There“/Tony; Julie – Glen Bates  3. “Let It Fall”/Amber – John Mathis, Rebecca Peck  4. “He Loves”/Julie – John Darin Rowsey, Steve Marshall  5. “Jesus Did What He Came To Do”/Tony – Marty Funderburk, John Mathis  6. “Grace Can Handle That”/Amber – Chris Binion, John Darin Rowsey, Steve Marshall  7. “Outside This Room”/Julie – Ashley Burgess  8. “Doin’ Something For You”/Tony – Glenn Ashworth, Glen Bates  9. “What The Sparrow Knows”/Amber – John Mathis, Daryl Williams  10. “He’s In Control”/Tony – John Darin Rowsey, Mike Kofahl, Justin Rivers

One thought on “The Griffith Family: Griffith Family

  1. I heard the Griffith Family sing at Chelsea Church of God last Nov 2015 and after praise and worship listening to them I bought their CD. It’s one of my most prized possessions now and I listen to it almost daily. Thank you to the Griffith’s and to anyone who ever gets a chance to hear them, DO IT! It will be a praise and worship experience you won’t soon forget. God Bless and to God be the Glory for such a wonderful and all inspiring praise team like the Griffith’s.
    Sam Storie

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