Southern Gospel Tidbits

dixieechoes1972newsoundsmax (1)DID YOU KNOW?:  Tim Riley, of Gold City fame, spent several years as bass vocalist with the Dixie Echoes in the early 1970’s.


4 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. Never knew this/ do you know what year this photo was taken? I only recognize Tim Riley, and Dale Shelnut….I have old albums of theirs. And his son produced a CD of some of his best songs. My dad really enjoyed Dale!! Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Steve,

    When Billy Dale Sexton left Randy contacted me about the spot. I flew down from STL and rode the bus for a week. Tim was just back from Viet Nam and was really struggling. Today we would call it PTSD. (I think he had been a medic.)

    We will never know what our boys went through (several in SoGo) and have done for our country. I’m so very glad Tim was able to get passed that period. I’m sure it was not easy or is ever totally gone.

    I couldn’t work for what they offered, ha!. It would have been a great time but I liked eating too much and I was still at University. Andrew (Shelnut) slipped in and sang tenor for a while and life moved on for us all!

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