Least Remarkable Song Series – #18

paynes1994workinmaxThis week continues our look at Southern Gospel’s least remarkable songs.  Southern Gospel, along with mainstream country music songwriters like to use hooks to draw in the listener to their song.  A little play on words also can be effective.

One of the best uses of this play on words theme in Southern Gospel music is Kenny Hinson’s “Put Me Down”.  Found on the Hinsons 1986 recording, The Legacy Goes On; Kenny paints a picture of putting him down for the decisions he made in life but uses that same phrase to say when he prayed up, Jesus put him down (Lamb’s book of life).

Not all songs with clever hooks stack up.  Such is the case with a song penned by one of Southern Gospel’s most noted writers, Mike Payne.  Mike recorded two solo albums in the early 1990’s, after the Paynes came off the road.  The 1994 recording, Workin’ had a song titled “Gonna Start Workin’ Like The Devil”.

While I understood the hook trying to be accomplished with the song, the last thing you want a Gospel music audience to hear is that you are going to work like the devil.  Maybe not the most effect hook.  Here is the song ranked 18th among the least remarkable in Southern Gospel history; “Gonna Start Workin’ Like The Devil”.

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