Least Remarkable Song Series – #19

segos1976itwillbedifferentmaxLast week I began looking at what I consider to be the twenty least remarkable songs in the history of Southern Gospel music.  This week takes a look at a song recorded in 1976 by the Sego Brothers and Naomi.

For those who suffered from physical abuse, I can’t imagine they would want to hear a song about the Lord striking you with the back of his hand.  The second verse, if I am hearing it correctly, states you should thank the Lord for your home, food and clothes in fear that if you don’t the Lord may show you the back of his hand.

Penned by country music legend, Tom T Hall, “The Back Of His Hand” is not a Gospel song I want to listen.  And, what were the Sego Brothers and Naomi thinking when they decided to record this song.  Things may have been different 40 years ago when this song was recorded, but it is good to know a song with this connotation would never fly with today’s Gospel music audience.

The song ranked 19th among the least remarkable in Southern Gospel history; “The Back Of His Hand”.  May it never be heard again.


3 thoughts on “Least Remarkable Song Series – #19

  1. The title of the album may have given us a hint they felt the same way and were promising for better tunes on the next album!
    I’m not sure what their record company situation was, but I think song/writer choices were often or partially pushed by the record company execs. I’ve read where the Bill Gaither Trio had to record 2-3 songs out of Benson’s catalog and not just their own. I’m sure there was street cred associated with recording a country legend’s tune too.

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