Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – Final Analysis

70gaitherLast week I announced the winner in our search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song series.  This week I wanted to provide a final analysis by looking at the top songs (in votes) by decade.  Did one of your all time favorite Southern Gospel songs make the list?

The 1960’s

  1. Because He Lives” (Bill/Gloria Gaither)
  2. “Sheltered In The Arms Of God” (Jimme Davis/Dottie Rambo)
  3. “Til The Storm Passes By” (Mosie Lister)
  4. “He Touched Me” (Bill Gaither)
  5. “Had It Not Been” (Rusty Goodman)
  6. “I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary” (Bill/Gloria Gaither/Doug Oldham)
  7. “Who Am I” (Rusty Goodman)
  8. “Jesus Is Coming Soon” (RE Winsett)
  9. “The Night Before Easter” (Dwayne Friend/Donnie Sumner)
  10. “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” (Ira Stanphill)

hinsons-300x225The 1970’s

  1. “Sweet Beulah Land” (Squire Parsons)
  2. The Lighthouse” (Ronny Hinson)
  3. “What A Lovely Name” (Charles Wycuff)
  4. “Through It All” (Andrae Crouch)
  5. “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before” (Dottie Rambo)
  6. “The King Is Coming” (Bill Gaither)
  7. “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” (Squire Parsons)
  8. “Redemption Draweth Nigh” (Gordon Jensen)
  9. “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power” (Andrae Crouch)
  10. “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me” (James Easter)

Nelons 84The 1980’s

  1. “We Shall See Jesus” (Dianne Wilkinson)
  2. “God On The Mountain” (Tracy Dartt)
  3. “Midnight Cry” (Chuck/Greg Day)
  4. “When He Was On The Cross” (Ronny Hinson/Mike Payne)
  5. “Boundless Love” (Dianne Wilkinson)
  6. “Step Into The Water” (Kirk Talley)
  7. “Champion Of Love” (Carolyn/Phil Cross)
  8. O For A Thousand Tongues” (David Binion)
  9. “Then Came The Morning” (Bill/Gloria Gaither/Chris Christian)
  10. “Greatest Of All Miracles” (Squire Parsons)

goldcity1991super70sgospelhitsvolume2maxThe 1990’s

  1. “There Rose A Lamb” (Kyla Rowland)
  2. One Scarred Hand” (Kyla Rowland)
  3. “I Am Redeemed” (Phil Cross)
  4. “He Is Here” (Kirk Talley)
  5. “My Name Is Lazarus” (Rodney Griffin)
  6. “Wedding Music” (Kirk Talley)
  7. “He’d Still Been God” (Rodney Griffin)
  8. “Please Forgive Me” (Gerald Crabb)
  9. “Through The Fire” (Gerald Crabb)
  10. “For God So Loved” (Barbi/Terry Franklin)

kingsmen2009missingpeoplemaxThe 2000’s

  1. “Four Days Late” (Aaron/Roberta Wilburn)
  2. “If You Knew Him” (Rodney Griffin/Joseph Habedank)
  3. “I Rest My Case At The Cross” (Kyla Rowland)
  4. “I Stand Redeemed” (Christina DeGazio/Kelly Garner/Belinda Smith)
  5. God Saw A Cross” (Rodney Griffin)
  6. “I Found Grace” (Roger Bennett)
  7. “What We Needed” (Dianne Wilkinson)
  8. “He Saw It All” (Daryl Mosley)
  9. “He’s Still Waiting By The Well” (Rodney Griffin)
  10. “I Wish I Could Have Been There” (Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey)

KPNRThe 2010’s

  1. “Good News From Jerusalem” (Jerry Salley/Dianne Wilkinson)
  2. “For All He’s Done” (Chris Allman)
  3. “Celebrate Me Home” (Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey)
  4. “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored” (Bill Gaither/Larry Gatlin)
  5. “I Got A Hold Of God This Morning” (Kyla Rowland)
  6. “Say Amen” (Jason Cox/Michael Farren/David Neesmith/Kenna West)
  7. “I Want To Be That Man” (Lee Black/Ricky Free)
  8. On The Banks Of The Promised Land” (Jason Dyba/David Moffitt/Sue C Smith)
  9. “Blue Skies Coming” (Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey)
  10. “Never Walk Alone” (Jeremy Johnson/JP Williams)

2 thoughts on “Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – Final Analysis

  1. Just a correction, Steve. Jimmie Davis did not write either words or music with DOTTIE RAMBO for “Sheltered In The Arms of God.” He required a writer’s credit to publish many of her songs, but he was not the author of any of them. That has been verified by Dottie herself, her daughter, Reba Rambo-McGuire and by her manager, Larry Ferguson. Dottie and he had a close friendship, but sometime after Jimmie Davis’ death, Dottie clarified that point on the tribute that Bill Gaither did for her and it is a matter of record on that Homecoming DVD.

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