Least Remarkable Song Series – #20

freemans2004verybestofandmoremaxTwo days ago I announced the winner of Southern Gospel’s greatest song series.  Today we look at the opposite end of the spectrum by singling out Southern Gospel’s least remarkable songs.  It took me a few weeks to go through a catalog of over 30,000 songs recorded by Southern Gospel artists over the course of the last 60 years.

While there were more than twenty songs to include in this list and some back and forth, I settled on this list of twenty.  It can’t be argued that Ronny Hinson is one of Southern Gospel music’s greatest songwriters.  “The Lighthouse” was in the final ten among Southern Gospel’s greatest songs.

But, even the greatest songwriters can pen a tune that leaves you scratching your head after you hear it.  Such is the case with the song landing at #20 among Southern Gospel’s least remarkable songs; “Already Sold Out”.  In 2005, the Freemans released a greatest hits album titled, The Very Best Of…And More.

The album was mainly filled with prior hits, but did include three new songs.  One of those songs was “Already Sold Out”.  In all the years I’ve been listening to Southern Gospel music, I don’t think I ever had a picture painted of the devil pushing a shopping cart or a reference to a shopping mall or bargain basement sale.

On the rare occasion this song pops up on my shuffle, I am still left scratching my head at the concept presented in the song.  Do you think this song deserves to be considered among Southern Gospel’s least remarkable?  Discuss among yourselves.

*Video Credit (Ryan Carlile)

2 thoughts on “Least Remarkable Song Series – #20

  1. I’ve never heard that song before, but personally I would not place it in the least remarkable category. It has a catchy tune and fun lyrics. I know the least remarkable songs when I hear them, but my mind is drawing a blank. But I wouldn’t think this song would be in that least remarkable category. Just my opinion…

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