The Least Remarkable Southern Gospel Song Series

A couple of months ago during my #asksteve feature I received a question from a reader who asked if I would ever give my thoughts on the worst Southern Gospel songs.  Since I am always doing the ‘best of’ features, I thought about it and figured why not.

In looking at Southern Gospel music as an art form, in order to know good you also have to know bad.  Let me get some formalities out-of-the-way.  This series is not meant to degrade any artist/songwriter personally.  It is simply a critique of the song presented to the listening audience.

What am I looking for in determining Southern Gospel’s least remarkable songs?  (1) Lyric  (2) Is it just a novelty song with no lasting meaning  (3) Upon listening to the song, do you say; what am I listening to?

After spending the last several weeks going through a catalog of nearly 30,000 songs recorded by Southern Gospel artists throughout its history, next week I will countdown what I feel to be the twenty least remarkable songs in the history of the genre.  While this song didn’t quite make the top twenty, this is the type song you can look for in the countdown.  The title alone was enough for this to be considered for least remarkable in Southern Gospel’s history.

3 thoughts on “The Least Remarkable Southern Gospel Song Series

  1. All Our Favorite Songs by The Rex Nelon Singers 1983 album, We Shall Behold The King. Quite possibly one of the greatest albums ever and they even sang that song really well, but the lyrics are crazy!

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