Honoring Southern Gospel’s Greatest Albums – 1960’s (#8)

prophets1965vitalvibrantmaxThis week continues our look at the top ten albums of the decade of the 1960’s.  The rankings were a result of you, the readers, voting in the search for Southern Gospel’s best album series last year.  Today we are going to take a look at the album ranked 8th.

The Prophets hit the Gospel music scene in 1959 with their first recording, The Gospel Songs.  Ed Hill, of JD Sumner and the Stamps fame, co-founded the Prophets and spent nearly every year the group was in existence as a member.  There was an exception, when Ed left the group for a brief period in 1965/1966.  It was during this time the Prophets would record/release their 1965 Heart Warming recording, Vital And Vibrant.

The album that lands at #8 among the best Southern Gospel recordings released during the 1960’s is that recording; Vital And Vibrant.  The album contained such favorites as “Ain’t Nobody Knows”, “Come And Dine”, “Hide Thou Me”, “I Want To Know More”, “Lord I Need You”, “Were You There” and “What A Wonderful Day” among others.  The vocal line up on this recording was James Garrison (tenor), Roy McNeal (lead), Duane Allen (baritone) and Dave Rogers (bass).

Here is a musical montage of the album ranked #8 among the best released in the 1960’s, Vital And Vibrant.


One thought on “Honoring Southern Gospel’s Greatest Albums – 1960’s (#8)

  1. Was Lou “James Garrison’s” middle name, because he always went by Big Lou Garrison.
    Also Joe Mascao (sp) was the piano player and went on with Jake Hess as an Imperial.

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