Smack Down!! – “Another Time, Another Place”

PattyThis week’s smack down feature highlights the recent cover by Amber Nelon Thompson and Michael English of Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson’s, “Another Time Another Place”.

This Gary Driskell penned tune was originally recorded by Patty and Watson on Sandi’s 1990 recording, Another Time…Another Place.  Which version comes out on top.  You decide.

  • Artist – Sandi Patty
  • Album – Another Time…Another Place
  • Release Year – 1990
  • Featured Vocalists – Sandi Patty/Wayne Watson


  • amber2015justsingmaxArtist – Amber Nelon Thompson
  • Album – Just Sing
  • Release Year – 2015
  • Featured Vocalist – Amber Nelon Thompson/Michael English

One thought on “Smack Down!! – “Another Time, Another Place”

  1. I am a huge Amber fan, but i have to give this one to Sandy and Wayne. The new version is good, but I think a cover, on a debut project especially, should have been given a brand new treatment. Although they did a couple of different vocal moves, for this to be a successful cover of an already great recording should not have been pretty much a copy. It sounds like they just recorded great vocals on a Daywind track of the original. This is also the current radio single. But there are probably few SG fans/radio programmers who are familiar with the original.

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