Search For Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song: Semi Final Voting

Today concludes semi final voting in our search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  130 songs transferred from first round voting.  Today will find the final five polls (of 65 songs).  The top five in vote tally for each of the five polls will advance.  Rules are as follows:

  1. All readers of this blog can participate.
  2. Please vote in each poll.
  3. You get three choices in each poll.  Be sure to select three choices in each of the polls.
  4. The top five songs in each poll by vote tally will advance to the semi-finals.

Semi Final Round – Poll 6

  1. “But For The Cross”
  2. “For All He’s Done”
  3. “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin”
  4. “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored”
  5. “I Stand Redeemed”
  6. “Jesus Built A Bridge”
  7. “Jesus Saves”
  8. “Look For Me At Jesus Feet”
  9. “Night Before Easter”
  10. “On The Banks Of The Promised Land”
  11. “What A Beautiful Day”
  12. “When He Was On The Cross”
  13. “You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God”

Semi Final Round – Poll 7

  1. “Because He Lives”
  2. “Blue Skies Coming”
  3. “God Walks The Dark Hills”
  4. “I Got A Hold Of God This Morning”
  5. “Leavin’ On My Mind”
  6. “Outside The Gate”
  7. “Reason Enough”
  8. “Somebody Touched The Lord”
  9. “Then Came The Morning”
  10. “We Shall Behold Him”
  11. “What We Needed”
  12. “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More”
  13. “Wish You Were Here”

Semi Final Round – Poll 8

  1. “Borrowed And Barely Used Tomb”
  2. “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”
  3. “Good News From Jerusalem”
  4. “He’ll Carry Me”
  5. “He’s Still Waiting By The Well”
  6. “I Can Pray”
  7. “I Wish I Could Have Been There”
  8. “If You Knew Him”
  9. “Master Of The Wind”
  10. “My Name Is Lazarus”
  11. “Oh Yes I Am”
  12. “Say Amen”
  13. “There Rose A Lamb”

Semi Final Round – Poll 9

  1. “God Likes To Work”
  2. “He Is Here”
  3. “I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary”
  4. “I Will Rise Up From The Grave”
  5. “I’m Not Giving Up”
  6. “In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul”
  7. “Jesus Is Coming Soon”
  8. “Midnight Cry”
  9. “Never No Never”
  10. “Somebody Touched Me”
  11. “When I Knelt, The Blood Fell”
  12. “Who Am I”
  13. “Whosoever Will”

Semi Final Round – Poll 10

  1. “Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord”
  2. “God Saw A Cross”
  3. “God’s Building A Church”
  4. “He Made A Change”
  5. “He Saw It All”
  6. “He’d Still Been God”
  7. “Here I Am”
  8. “I Am Redeemed”
  9. “Step Into The Water”
  10. “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me”
  11. “The Great I Am Still Is”
  12. “The King Is Coming”
  13. “Unspoken Request”

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