Ten On Ten (Redux) – Talleys

TalleysThis week the ten on ten (redux) will re-visit the Talleys. On November 1st, 2011, I presented the original ten on ten feature for the Talleys highlighting the group’s ten best albums. Since that time, the group released He’s Alive (2011), Love Won (2012) and The Test Of Time (2014).  One of these albums actually changed the original top ten list of the Talleys ten best albums.  This redux feature will also shine the spotlight on the three lowest ranking albums of the group’s career thus far.  First, the original list highlighting the group’s ten best recordings.

  1. United (1986)
  2. Hope For Tomorrow (2002)
  3. Love Will (1990)
  4. The Message (2003)
  5. Rise Above (2006)
  6. Typical Day (1989)
  7. For Every Generation (1988)
  8. Testament (2000)
  9. Work Of Heart (1985)
  10. Wherever I Am (1984)

talleys2014testoftime**NEW TOP TEN LIST:

  1. United (1986)
  2. Love Won (2012)**
  3. Hope For Tomorrow (2002)
  4. Love Will (1990)
  5. The Message (2003)
  6. Rise Above (2006)
  7. Typical Day (1989)
  8. For Every Generation (1988)
  9. Testament (2000)
  10. Work Of Heart (1985)

The lowest ranked albums in the Talleys discography are as follows:

  1. Sunday In  The Smokies (1998)
  2. Lift Up Your Voice (1983)
  3. The Test Of Time (2014)

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