Enter To Win: Friday Fun Giveaway

mckameys1991justthinkingmaxHappy Friday!  It has been several weeks since I went into the prize bag and gave away free music.  Any McKameys fans looking to fill in their collection?

This week, I have the McKameys 1991 MorningStar Records CD; Just Thinking.

Song list on Just Thinking:  (1) “The Rising Of The Son”  (2) “Barren Busyness”  (3) “He Does All Things Well”  (4) “Just Thinking”  (5) “In The Shelter Of His Blood”  (6) “There’s Got To Be A Rainbow Somewhere”  (7) “More Like Thee”  (8) “Giver Of My All”  (9) “I Just Can’t Praise Him Enough”  (10) “My Jesus Is Real”.

The McKameys are credited with having the most #1 songs in Singing News chart history.  To win this week’s CD, you have to be the first person to correctly guess which songs in the musical montage was a #1 hit for the group.  Listen to this musical montage of ten McKameys songs.  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) by correctly identifying which of the ten were #1 hits will win.  Good luck!


Congratulations to Brad for being the first to correctly guess the #1 songs from the McKameys musical montage.  I also ask that all participants email me their responses as to not ruin the contest for others.  Here are the answers.

  1. “Arise” – YES
  2. “Who Put The Tears In The Eyes Of The Lamb” – YES
  3. “The Bride Coming In” – NO
  4. “Roll That Burden On Me” – YES
  5. “I Am Home” – YES
  6. “God On The Mountain” – YES
  7. “Do You Know How It Feels” – YES
  8. “I’m Going Through Jesus” – NO
  9. “Getting Used To The Dark” – YES
  10. “Right On Time” – YES

One thought on “Enter To Win: Friday Fun Giveaway

  1. 1. Arise #1
    2. Who Put the Tears #1
    3. The Bride Coming In
    4. Roll That Burden On Me #1
    5. I Am Home #1
    6. God of the Mountain #1
    7. Do You Know How It Feels #1
    8 I’m Going Through
    9. Getting Used To the Dark #1
    10 Right On Time #1

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