#ASKSTEVE: Answering Your Questions

askstevelogoThis week continues the #asksteve feature.  I received one question via email so here goes:

  • From reader Keith (via email):  Since you are doing a series on the best songs in Southern Gospel, do you ever plan on doing one on the worst?
  • Answer:  After contemplating this, I thought why not.  If we’re clearly looking at the artistic aspect of the music, then why not offer my thoughts on what I consider to be the worst songs ever in Southern Gospel.  I am already doing this to some degree with the albums in my ‘ten on ten (redux)’ feature highlighting the lowest ranked albums in an artist’s discography.  To understand good, you have to know bad and vice versa.  Using the term ‘worst’ may sound a little harsh, so I may go with the least remarkable songs ever recorded in Southern Gospel music.  Coming soon to Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row.

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