Round 2 Voting: Search For Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 2000’s

Today continues round 2 voting in our search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  We started with 130 songs to represent the decade of the 2000’s.  We are down to 65.  The top five in vote tally for each of the five polls will advance to the semi-finals.  Rules are as follows:

  1. All readers of this blog can participate.
  2. Please vote in each poll.
  3. You get three choices in each poll.  Be sure to select three choices in each of the polls.
  4. The top five songs in each poll by vote tally will advance to the semi-finals.

2000’s – Round 2 – Poll 1

  1. “By Your Grace, For Your Glory”
  2. “Die Another Day”
  3. “Even In The Valley”
  4. “Forever Changed”
  5. “Four Days Late”
  6. “He Is To Me”
  7. “If You Only Knew”
  8. “Loving The Lamb”
  9. “One Fine Day”
  10. “The Empty Tomb Says It All”
  11. “The Great I Am Still Is”
  12. “Truth Is Marching On”
  13. “Yes I Am”

2000’s – Round 2 – Poll 2

  1. “God Handled It All”
  2. “God Saw A Cross”
  3. “He Locked The Gates”
  4. “He Saw It All”
  5. “I Believe God”
  6. “I Found Grace”
  7. “I’ve Won”
  8. “Jerusalem”
  9. “Jesus Saves”
  10. “New Day Dawning”
  11. “Safe Thus Far”
  12. “The Promise”
  13. “You Must Have Met Him”

2000’s – Round 2 – Poll 3

  1. “Are You Ready”
  2. “Get Up, Get Ready”
  3. “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin”
  4. “He Will Hide Me”
  5. “He’ll Carry Me”
  6. “He’s Still Waiting By The Well”
  7. “His Life For Mine”
  8. “I Can Pray”
  9. “I Choose”
  10. “If You Knew Him”
  11. “Jesus Saves”
  12. “Over And Over”
  13. “When God Ran”

2000’s – Round 2 – Poll 4

  1. “A Greater Yes”
  2. “Faces”
  3. “God Wants To Hear You Sing”
  4. “Hold On”
  5. “I Know I’m Going Home”
  6. “I Rest My Case At The Cross”
  7. “I Wish I Could Have Been There”
  8. “If It Takes A Valley”
  9. “I’ve Been Rescued”
  10. “Reason Enough”
  11. “The Answer Is Christ”
  12. “The Healer”
  13. “What The Storm The Doesn’t Know”

2000’s – Round 2 – Poll 5

  1. “Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord”
  2. “Don’t You Wanna Go”
  3. “He Came Looking For Me”
  4. “He Knows My Name”
  5. “I Stand Redeemed”
  6. “I Wanna Know How It Feels”
  7. “I’ve Been Changed”
  8. “Mercy Walked In”
  9. “The Dove”
  10. “Welcome To The Family”
  11. “What We Needed”
  12. “When God Has Another Plan”
  13. “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master”

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