#ASKSTEVE: Answering Your Questions

askstevelogoThis week continues my #asksteve feature where I answer your questions about Southern Gospel music.  I have two questions to answer this week.  This series will continue weekly as long as there are questions to answer.  If you have a question you want answered leave it in the comments section or if you don’t feel comfortable leaving it in the comments section, you can email me (swea215@yahoo.com).  Thanks.

Question 1

  • From reader Andrew:  Do you have plans to share why these albums rank so low? Several of these, I’ve agreed about (didn’t take time to comment, but I agreed). However, I’m just curious as to why you think they’re the bottom 3 albums.
  • Answer:  This question was left on a recent ten on ten (redux) post on the Perrys.  Since I have been asked this question before I will answer it here.  When creating a list to rank the best (of anything), something on that list will ultimately rank at the bottom.  When I am compiling a list of ranking the best albums in an artist’s discography, I look at several different factors.  They include: (1) Song Selection  (2) Hit Songs from the Album  (3) Vocal Line-up  (4) Remembrance Factor (how many times was the album actually played)  (5) How did the album stack up to other SG albums released the same year.  In the case of the recent Perrys feature; Full Circle (1994), is ranked lowest because of how it ranked in the criteria listed above.

Question 2

  • From reader Trent (via email):  What are your thoughts on the Duggar situation?
  • Answer:  I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to answer this question and if it has any relevance to Southern Gospel music.  Since a large majority of Southern Gospel artists/listeners watch this program I will add my thoughts.  I want to start by saying I have never seen the program in question (19 Kids And Counting), but I am well aware of the Duggar family and especially Josh’s (former) work with the FRC.  I guess my biggest concern in the entire situation is the lack of concern I see for the victims in this case.  A large portion of the comments I’ve read from various Christian websites are quick to stand behind Josh Duggar, but very little for the lifetime of scars the victims in this situation will carry around.  I see a lot of people immediately jump on the word forgiveness and that we as Christians should forgive.  At the end of the day, it is not in our place to forgive Josh Duggar.  There was no crime perpetrated against us.  The only person(s) that can forgive is the Lord himself and the victims of the abuse.  And even if Jesus has forgiven him, there was still a crime committed for which he (his parents and local law enforcement) should have to answer for.  And the damage the Learning Channel has caused by giving this family a platform, with them already knowing of the abuse allegations is reprehensible.  So, I want to close by leaving this note to the Allen Family (a Southern Gospel artist), who is considering having their lives chronicled and broadcast by the Learning Channel for a future show.  I would think long and hard about your decision.

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