Round 2 Voting: Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1990’s

Today continues round 2 voting in our search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  We started with 120 songs to represent the decade of the 1990’s.  We are down to 60.  The top five in vote tally for each of the five polls will advance to the semi-finals.  Rules are as follows:

  1. All readers of this blog can participate.
  2. Please vote in each poll.
  3. You get three choices in each poll.  Be sure to select three choices in each of the polls.
  4. The top five songs in each poll by vote tally will advance to the semi-finals.

1990’s – Round 2 – Poll 1

  1. “Built On Amazing Grace”
  2. “Calvary Came Through”
  3. “Common Garments”
  4. “Do You Know How It Feels”
  5. “For God So Loved”
  6. “Go And Tell Somebody”
  7. “God’s Building A Church”
  8. “Jesus Built A Bridge”
  9. “Not Even A Stone”
  10. “Old Ship Of Zion”
  11. “Right On Time”
  12. “There Rose A Lamb”

1990’s – Round 2 – Poll 2

  1. “Angels In The Room”
  2. “From The Depths Of My Heart”
  3. “Healing”
  4. “I Am Redeemed”
  5. “I Call It Home”
  6. “I Need You More Today”
  7. “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is”
  8. “Please Forgive Me”
  9. “Roses Will Bloom Again”
  10. “Somebody Touched The Lord”
  11. “When He Spoke”
  12. “Wish You Were Here”

1990’s – Round 2 – Poll 3

  1. “He Made A Change”
  2. “Heavenly Sunrise”
  3. “He’d Still Been God”
  4. “He’s In The Midst”
  5. “Is Anything Too Hard For God”
  6. “It’s Still The Cross”
  7. “Just One More Soul”
  8. “My Name Is Lazarus”
  9. “Praise His Name”
  10. “Through The Fire”
  11. “Under His Wings”
  12. “When Jesus Passes By”

1990’s – Round 2 – Poll 4

  1. “Anchor To The Power Of The Cross”
  2. “He Is Here”
  3. “He Is Mine”
  4. “Here I Am”
  5. “In Time, On Time, Every Time”
  6. “Mention My Name”
  7. “Oasis”
  8. “One Scarred Hand”
  9. “Outside The Gate”
  10. “Praise God, It’s Settled, I’m Saved”
  11. “That’s Him”
  12. “The Love Of Jesus”

1990’s – Round 2 – Poll 5

  1. “God Likes To Work”
  2. “God’s Promised Land”
  3. “I Will Rise Up From The Grave”
  4. “If God Be For Us”
  5. “I’m Not Giving Up”
  6. “Jesus Saves”
  7. “On The Road To Emmaus”
  8. “Out Of His Great Love”
  9. “They’ll Never Crucify Him Again”
  10. “Wedding Music”
  11. “Yes I Know”
  12. “You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God”

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