#ASKSTEVE: Answering Your Questions

askstevelogoThis week will begin my #asksteve feature where I answer your questions about Southern Gospel music.  I have two questions from last week’s comment section and another I received via email.  If there is a question you have or if you just want to get my thoughts on a certain Southern Gospel artist/issue/topic, be sure to leave it in the comments section for next week’s Q&A.

Question 1

  • From reader JSR:  Do SG artists coordinate attacks on bloggers and websites that give less than glowing reviews of their music? I’ve seen at least one review that got so much attention by fans of the group that I suspected the group requested their friends to go attack the site with nasty comments. Any idea if this happens and any examples of it happening?
  • Answer:  I don’t believe artists specifically have fans attack certain websites/blogs over less than flattering album reviews.  I do believe there is a certain sub-set of fan that are so passionate about their favorite artist, they will attack.  These individuals can’t separate the art (music) from the individual performing it; so they automatically think that a critique of the music is an attack on the one performing it.  Believe me, this happens is all genres of music.  A One Direction fan is about as rabid as they come.

Question 2

  • From reader Jeff:  Why do so many people go solo and leave an established group?
  • Answer:  This one is easy; MONEY.  The only justifiable reason to go solo in Southern Gospel music is there is more money to be made.  Here’s a simple example:  Say said solo artist was once in a quartet that had to pay four members every week.  Let’s say that a Saturday date yields the group $2,000.  That is $500 per group member for that date.  If that established vocalist now goes solo, let’s say they request $800 to $1,000 for a Saturday date.  The solo artist is already ahead by as much as $300 to $500 a performance.

Question 3

  • From reader Amanda (via email):  Do groups perform patriotic songs to get a guaranteed standing ovation?
  • Answer:  While I can’t answer for the intent of what songs an artist chooses to stage, I can say that performing a song about how great America is will get a Southern Gospel crowd on their feet.  While I have zero problems with individuals being patriotic, I think this may be more of a generational emphasis and knowing the median age of a Southern Gospel concert attendee, the Southern Gospel artist knows who they are targeting when staging patriotic songs.



One thought on “#ASKSTEVE: Answering Your Questions

  1. I kinda think Amanda is right. Also, it kinda urks me that high notes automatically get an ovation regardless of he lyric. The back half of the second verse of O What A Savior is not the strongest lyrics in most songs or even in that one!

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