askstevelogoI get various emails a week asking me different questions that relate to Southern Gospel music.  I thought why not open up a new feature on Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row where I answer your questions about Southern Gospel music.

This new #asksteve feature will answer several questions a week.  Have you ever wondered about my thoughts on a certain subject, issue or artist in Southern Gospel music.  This new #asksteve feature will allow you to get those answers.

So, leave your questions in the comments section and I will pull three or four each week to answer.  No question is off-limits and I will provide my honest, sometimes off the cuff responses.  The only requirement is the question has to pertain to Southern Gospel music.  Fire away!


2 thoughts on “#ASKSTEVE

  1. Do SG artist coordinate attacks on bloggers and websites that give less than glowing reviews of their music? I’ve seen at least one review that got so much attention by fans of the group that I suspected the group requested their friends to go attack the site with nasty comments. Any idea if this happens and any examples of it happening?

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