My Reality: Kevin Conley

conleykevin2015myrealitymaxGRADE:  C+

  • Album – My Reality
  • Artist – Kevin Conley
  • Label – Willowood Productions
  • Style – Progressive
  • Release Date – 02/24/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)


My Reality is my first introduction to the music of Kevin Conley.  Kevin and his family reside in Kentucky.

Kevin is a tenor vocalist who was a member of a group by the name of Lighthouse in the late 1990’s.  During Kevin’s tenure with Lighthouse, Doug Anderson and Roy Webb were also a part of the group.

Kevin Conley’s current solo recording, My Reality, contains thirteen new songs, all written by Kevin.  Kevin sings in a traditional/progressive Southern Gospel tenor style while nearly every song has a progressive Southern Gospel arrangement.


  • There were several songs that stood out on My Reality.  The biggest would have to be “Grace”.  Off all the songs on the recording, Kevin’s vocal really conveys this song perfectly.  There is a bigger production on this song than any other on the recording.
  • Kevin turns in a fine performance of a traditional Southern Gospel up-tempo number; “I Want The World To Know”.  I would really like to hear Kevin tackle this tenor feature with a quartet.
  • A couple of other songs that fits that mold is the up-tempo, “This Could Be Your Day” and “Big Enough”.  Kevin’s tenor vocal is made to sing with a quartet.
  • Kevin offers a bit of variety as the title track is recorded with a bit of a blues feel.
  • The ‘hard driving’ country track on “Too Busy” adds some variety to the overall feel of the recording.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Grace”, “I Want The World To Know”, “My Reality”, “This Could Be Your Day”, “Big Enough” and “I Am The Whosoever”.
  • With little vocal variation, being a solo recording, having 13 songs is way too much.  The songs start bleeding into each other because they tend to start sounding the same.  I would have scaled the recording back to nine or ten songs.
  • The light pop tinged “I Wanna Feel You” felt out-of-place with the rest of the recording.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “I Wanna Feel You” and “You Were There”.


Kevin Conley has a tenor voice that is made to sing with a group.  My Reality has some strong moments that tend to get clouded by the total number of songs contained on the album.  The rating would have actually been a bit higher on this recording had Kevin scaled it back to the nine best songs on the recording.  A nice introduction to the music of Kevin Conley.

SONG (Style) – All songs written by Kevin Conley:  1. “I Want To Go Home” (Progressive SG)  2. “Be Still And He Will” (Prog SG)  3. “Grace” (Prog SG)  4. “Big Enough” (Prog SG)  5. “I Wanna Feel You” (Light Pop)  6. “I Want The World To Know” (Traditional SG)  7. “My Reality” (Blues)  8. “You Were There” (Prog SG)   9. “Jesus Really Did” (Prog SG)  10. “This Could Be Your Day” (Trad SG)  11. “I Am The Whosoever” (Prog SG)  12. “Too Busy” (Country)  13. “There Is Only One Way” (Prog SG)


2 thoughts on “My Reality: Kevin Conley

  1. Steve, as always I appreciate your sensitivity in your reviews. I do not know this gentlemen nor have I heard his music. I’m sure, as anyone would, he had hoped for a higher rating. You stated the reasons for your score in a way that was in fact “constructive” and I pray it is received that way. Its seemed to be as much about quantity as quality. As I heard a cattle rancher say once, “Don’t drop the whole load of feed if only 2 cows show up. Save some for later.” I hope he can find a group that will allow him to use his vocal and songwriting talents for the Lord. My best to Mr. Conley and you! Keep up the good work.

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