Southern Gospel Tidbits

HoppersDID YOU KNOW?:  Shannon Childress spent 13 years as pianist/bass vocalist for the Hoppers.  A lot of the group’s success in the early 1990’s can be attributed to the arranging/songwriting of Shannon.  In the late 1970’s as a youngster, he sang/performed with his family, the Childress Family.  Mother (Marlene), Father (Ken) and sisters (Teresa and Carla) along with Shannon made up the original group.  The world lost Shannon way too early when he passed in May 2011.  The Childress Family still sings today and have received several singing slots on the National Quartet Convention the last several years.

*Video Credit for both videos (PianoLady1957)

2 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. Thanks for this memory of Shannon Childress! I enjoyed his years with the Hoppers, and agree with your post. The videos you shared are so good, too. I attend NQC, and will watch & try to hear his family next time!

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