Love So Amazing: Shane Dunlap

Shane-Dunlap–Love-so-Amazing-2015GRADE:  B

  • Album – Love So Amazing
  • Artist – Shane Dunlap
  • Label – Custom Records
  • Style – Progressive, Modern Country, Pop
  • Release Date – 04/28/15
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)


Shane Dunlap began his Southern Gospel music career as lead singer/eventual owner of N’Harmony.  The 2000 quartet album, Out Of The Blue, is one every Southern Gospel collector should have in their collection.

Shane disbanded N’Harmony when he got the call to become the lead singer for Ernie Haase’s new quartet, Signature Sound.  Shane remained with the group a couple of years before venturing out to do some solo work.  That solo work continues with the release of the new album, Love So Amazing.  This is the first solo recording for Shane since 2006’s, Paradise; which is another album every Southern Gospel collector should own.

This ten song collection is a nice mix of progressive Southern Gospel music, layered with modern country and pop sounds.


  • The album starts strong with the progressive/modern country-style song, “He’s Making Me”.  After several listens to the recording this became the stand out track on Love So Amazing.  It would also make a strong choice for radio single possibilities.
  • The country ballad, “Heaven In Your Heart”, is a duet with Sonya Isaacs (Yeary).  It tells the story of passing loved ones and knowing they are never far having Heaven in your heart.  A definitive must listen.
  • There were two pop infused tunes that fit Shane’s vocal perfectly.  The first is a Lee Black/Kenna Turner West collab, “Just Believe”.  There is a certain musical groove in the track that makes it work nicely with Shane’s vocal.  Love this song!
  • The second pop infused must listen features a musical track that sounds like classic ’80’s pop with its heavy drum focus.  Give “Shaken” a listen if you enjoy the sounds of 1980’s pop/rock.
  • Shane tackles some ‘straight ahead’ country with the hard-driving, “I’m Free”.  I have listened to this song at least a half-dozen times and trying to figure out where I heard this song before.  Any help from the readers would be appreciated.
  • Southern Gospel listeners should also appreciate the title track, “Love So Amazing”.  Shane gives it that big Southern Gospel ballad treatment that should make this a strong concert song.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “He’s Making Me”, “Just Believe”, “Shaken”, “Heaven In Your Heart”, “I’m Free” and “Love So Amazing”.
  • Shane gets lost a bit with the praise & worship style tune, “Glory Hallelujah”.  A different musical take on this song would have allowed it to fit with the rest of the recording.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Glory Hallelujah” and “The Most Unlikely People”.


I always considered Shane Dunlap one of Southern Gospel’s greatest male voices.  This goes back to his days with N’Harmony.  It is good to have him back recording music again.  Love So Amazing gives listeners just enough to know they want more from him in the future.

SONG (Style) – Songwriter:  1. “He’s Making Me” (Progressive SG) – Marty Funderburk, Scott Godsey  2. “I’m Free” (Country)  3. “Grace Keeps Reaching” (Pop) – Ricky Braddy, Seth Jones, Tony Wood  4. “Heaven In Your Heart”/w Sonya Isaacs (Country) – Joseph Habedank, Marcia Henry, Matt Price  5. “Glory Hallelujah” (Praise/Worship) – Brian Duncan, Ricky Free, Barry Weeks  6. “Love So Amazing” (Progressive SG)  7. “Just Believe” (Pop) – Lee Black, Kenna Turner West  8. “The Most Unlikely People” (Progressive SG)   9. “Shaken” (Pop) – Chad Cates, Alan Powell, Tony Wood  10. “He Loved Me Anyway” (Progressive SG) – Adam Catt, Joseph Habedank, Matthew Holt


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