Enter To Win: Friday Fun Giveaway

jdsumnerandthestamps1995letshavechurchmaxHappy Friday!  It has been two weeks since I went into the prize bag and gave away some free music.  Today I pulled out JD Sumner & Stamps 1995 Chapel Records album, Let’s Have Church.

The vocal line-up on this recording included Rick Strickland (tenor), Ed Enoch (lead), Ed Hill (baritone) and JD Sumner (bass).  The album includes one of JD Sumner’s signature songs during this era, “The Lord Still Lives In This Old House”.

Song list on Let’s Have Church:  (1) “Dig A Little Deeper In God’s Love”  (2) “The Lord Still Lives In This Old House”  (3) “Walkin & Talkin With My Lord”  (4) “Beyond The Cross”  (5) “I Just Steal Away And Pray”  (6) “Lord, I’m Ready To Go”  (7) “Don’t Get Down On Jesus”  (8) “Standing In The Safety Zone”  (9) “Church”  (10) “Some Day Soon”.

Remember all CD’s being given away are used (but I have been the only owner).  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) the correct answer to the following musical montage will win the week’s prize.  Ed Hill has had a long, storied career in Gospel music.  Listen to the five artists included in this week’s musical montage.  First, name all five artists and then tell me if Ed Hill was ever a member of that specific group.  The first person to guess correctly wins!

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