Ten On Ten (Redux) – Gold City

goldcity1994doitagainmaxThis week the ten on ten (redux) will re-visit Gold City. On September 5th, 2011 I presented the original ten on ten feature for Gold City highlighting the group’s ten best albums. Since that time, Gold City released Somebody’s Coming (2011) and Hymn Revival (2014), but neither changed the original top ten list.  This redux feature will now shine the spotlight on the three lowest ranking albums of the group’s career thus far.  First, the original list highlighting Gold City’s ten best recordings.

  1. Double Take, Live In Charleston South Carolina (1986)
  2. Pillars Of Faith (1992)
  3. Are You Ready (2000)
  4. Windows Of Home (1990)
  5. What A Great Lifestyle (1997)
  6. goldcity1998withintherockmaxAnswer The Call (1991)
  7. Walk The Talk (2003)
  8. Live (1982)
  9. Preparing The Way (1996)
  10. Standing In The Gap (1995)

The lowest ranked albums in Gold City’s discography are as follows:

  1. Lord Do It Again (1994)
  2. Heaven (2005)
  3. Within The Rock (1998)

***One disclaimer in ranking an artists best albums to come up with albums at the bottom of the list.  I do not include all the budget recordings an artist may have recorded during their career***


5 thoughts on “Ten On Ten (Redux) – Gold City

  1. Wow, surprised to see “Within the Rock” in the bottom group, especially since you seem to like other recordings from the same time period. It’s one of my all-time favorites. “In Time, On Time, Every Time,” “He Lifted My Burdens,” “Gonna Take It and Leave It,” “When He Knocked on the Door of My Heart”…all dynamite songs for me.

  2. Also interesting to note that there are no projects in either the top ten or bottom three in the last 10 years. Their best and lowest projects were in the 1990’s when they were argueably the most influential.

  3. I agree with “Lord Do It Again.” I’ve never cared for that project. To finish out my bottom three, I would probably pick one (and maybe even two) project(s) from your top ten.

  4. Lord Do It Again was a table project. I’m surprised to see Are You Ready in your top–it is my least favorite GC album, but I haven’t heard them all. I thought the Steve Ladd recordings were pretty great.

    1. It was made as a table project, but Benson bought it and distributed it nationally. Even with its budget origin, it is below Gold City’s typical standard. The table project after it, Having Fun, was great.

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