Signature Sound And Broadway

EHHS BroadwayI don’t keep up with new album release dates like I should, considering I do album reviews on the site.  There are certain artist albums that I anticipate like everyone else and those I keep in mind, the others just fall in my lap.

In watching Ernie Haase & Signature Sound on the Singing In The Sun webcast last evening I saw an excerpt promoting two new album releases on May 5, 2015.  I was already aware of the new Southern Gospel project, Happy People.

I was not aware of another album, The Inspiration Of Broadway.  This album is filled with Broadway show tune standards, mixed with some Southern Gospel standards done in Broadway show tune style.  The album includes Broadway legend J Mark McVey.

On their Singing In The Sun set last evening, Paul Harkey performed “Old Man River” from the album.  Let me start by saying that Christian music artists should never be constrained to recording Christian music only if they feel the need to branch out or provide other avenues of artistic expression.

My only question to the group would be are Ernie Haase & Signature Sound listeners going to enjoy a Broadway show tune album.  Or does the group really have such a broad appeal (fan base) that a Broadway show tune album will be a big seller for them?

After listening to snippets from the recording, I may actually give it a full listen upon release.  What about y’all?  You ready to hear a Southern Gospel quartet perform Broadway show tunes?  At least enough to purchase the recording when released.

*Video Credit (ErnieHaase)


2 thoughts on “Signature Sound And Broadway

  1. back in the day, the Cathedrals performed country & western songs in order to get paid. It was done in good taste and always in a christen atmosphere.

  2. I could see myself purchasing this kind of music…in fact I have before. David Phelps did a album several years ago with a lot of the same songs. I purchased that album and listened to it quite a bit.

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