Land Of The Lost….Songs

kingsmen1981naturally250Back in February I started a series, land of the lost songs. I took a look at Gold City and the song, “The Search Is Over”. The song was found on the 1987 recording Movin’ Up and overshadowed by the mega song, “Midnight Cry” and in my opinion forever lost to the Southern Gospel listening audience.

Today, I wanted to feature another ‘lost song’; this time by the Kingsmen. The group’s 1981 recording, Live…Naturally is considered one of the group’s best recordings. The sad truth is a novelty song, “Excuses”, became the biggest song from the album and was a major #1 hit during this era.

While there are many memorable Kingsmen songs found on this recording (see “Beautiful Home”, “I Made A Covenant With My Lord”, “I’d Rather Be An Old Time Christian”, “Love Lifted Me”, “Shake Hands With The Poor Boy” and “When My Feet Touch The Streets Of Gold”), there is one in particular that I feel was lost forever to today’s listening audience.

The Squire Parson’s penned, “Nearing The Shore” was always a favorite of mine while listening to this album as a kid. I actually preferred Wayne Maynard’s performance of “Nearing The Shore” than I did his more notable feature that would come a couple of years later, “Child, Child”.

*Video Credit (SG Classics)

One thought on “Land Of The Lost….Songs

  1. This is my favorite album ever recorded by the Kingsmen. My favorite and the one I’ve always said should have received more attention was “I’ll Drop My Anchor. ” Nearing The Shore” Is a great one too, but then again so was “Beulah Land” I still love hearing the audience singing the chorus on “Someone To Care”, “What A Day That Will Be” “Love Lifted Me” and such a great beginning with God’s In The Business, and Over The Moon. Wow, thanks for reminding me of this great album. I just put it on the ol’ turntable for a spin. It’s already past my bedtime and I’m sure you know a 2 record set, but who cares!!

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