Enter To Win: Friday Fun Giveaway

happygoodmans1966biggernbettermaxThe South is enjoying gorgeous Spring weather this weekend, at least here in NC.  So why not go into the prize bag and pull out a CD to give away.

With the Happy Goodmans being included in my ten on ten (redux) yesterday, I thought it fitting to give away one of their ranked ten best recordings.  In 2007, Goodman Family Ministries re-released several of the classic Goodman albums on CD.  One of those was the 1967 Canaan Records album, Bigger ‘N’ Better.  The album was ranked 8th among the group’s ten best recordings as part of my original ten on ten series.

Song list on Bigger ‘N’ Better:  (1) “When It All Starts Happening”  (2) “I’ll Regret”  (3) “Point Of No Return”  (4) “Living By Faith”  (5) “I’m Building A Bridge”  (6) “Jesus Said It, I Believe It”  (7) “Not In A Million Years”  (8) “Weapon Of Prayer”  (9) “Born Again”  (10) “I Shall Be At Home With Jesus”  (11) “Poor Rich Man”.

The first person to correctly email me (swea215@yahoo.com) the answer to the musical montage wins.  Each of the five songs included in this musical montage is found on one of the albums I ranked among the group’s ten best.  The list was in yesterday’s post.  Once you can match the song to the correct album, email me the five album titles to win.  Good luck.


Congratulations to Todd for being the first to correctly guess the five albums that made up the musical montage.  The answers were as follows.

  1. “It’s Different Now” (I’m Too Near Home), 1963
  2. “What Heavens Means To Me” (This Happy House), 1969
  3. “He Pilots My Ship” (Leave Your Sorrows And Come Along), 1972
  4. “Somebody Prayed For Me” (Chosen), 1982
  5. “He’s Coming Again” (The Legendary Goodmans), 1973

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