Ten On Ten (Redux) – Kingdom Heirs

kingdomheirs1992tellingtheworldmaxThe ‘Ten On Ten’ feature was one of the most popular features I ever ran on Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row.  I believe I ran through just about every major artist to have a substantial recording career in Southern Gospel music.  I will be featuring some up and coming artists who now have at least ten recordings in their discography in the near future.

Now it is time to counter that and take a look at all those artists I ran a ten on ten feature and shine a spotlight on the three worst albums in their discography.  For any artist that has an extensive body of work, there will always be a few albums that just don’t measure up to the rest of their work.  I will first highlight the albums I selected as the ten best in the original ten on ten feature and then list what I consider to be the three albums that ranked lowest among all albums the group released during their career.

You can talk among yourselves on whether the rankings are deserving.

The Kingdom Heirs ten best albums are (Please note the 2013 album Redeeming The Time replaced the 1992 album Extraordinary from when this ten on ten feature originally ran):

  1. Going On With The Song (2003)
  2. True To The Call (2007)
  3. Forever Changed (2004)
  4. Anchored (1997)
  5. kingdomheirs1993songofpraisemaxCity Of Light (2000)
  6. Forever Gold (1995)
  7. Redeeming The Time (2013)
  8. Pure Gold (1988)
  9. Off The Record: A Tribute To The Sensational Statesmen (2006)
  10. The Journey Home (1999)

The lowest ranked albums in the Kingdom Heirs discography are as follows:

  1. Telling The World (1992)
  2. Song Of Praise Live (1993)
  3. Shadows Of The Past (2001)

One thought on “Ten On Ten (Redux) – Kingdom Heirs

  1. I don’t own “Telling the World” but I have always liked “Song of Praise”. Maybe it is because it was one of the first Kingdom Heirs’ albums I owned or maybe it is because I tend to favor live albums over studio albums. Either way, I certainly would not consider it to be one of their worst albums.

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