Song Of The Day

Song Of The DayAs I am sure you already noticed, about two weeks ago, I started posting a song of the day.  This is found on the side bar just above the list of categories.  With my extensive collection of Southern Gospel music, I thought, why not share it with my readers.

As you can hear in today’s (04/02/15) song choice, Connie Hopper outdoes herself on a performance of Dottie Rambo’s, “When I Lift Up My Head”.  This song was found on the Hopper Brothers & Connie’s 1974 recording, A’live And A Singin’.

The song’s chosen for the song of the day will be at least 15 years old, allowing readers to maybe hear a song they’ve never heard from albums that may no longer be available.

So, now that I have had fun with this for two weeks, I want to open it up to the readers.  Is there a Southern Gospel song from years gone by that you want to hear included as the song of the day?  Easy, just leave the request in the comments and I will do my best to include it.


11 thoughts on “Song Of The Day

  1. Victory is Sweet – The McKameys.

    I think it’s time for others to hear what a monster song that one was/could be again, because as far as I know there isn’t a video anywhere with a full version of it.

      1. It’s from ‘We Shall Stand Live’ I had the cassette tape but lost it featured Diane & Bob’s daughter Angela? I have been looking for that tape for years. I might even have the wrong song title Steve. Thanks!

  2. Do you or do you plan to maintain a list of the Songs of the Day? Although I visit quite often, I sometimes miss a day or two and would like to be able to see what song(s) I missed.

  3. Steve,

    I have been wanting to hear the original cut of the Perry Sisters’ “We Shall Stand”. I know this one is really hard to find, so I understand if you don’t have it. Thanks for offering the “Song of the Day”. It adds to my must-have list for my collection.

  4. Sorry for the extra comment; however, someone has shared the entire We Shall Stand album on YouTube. Great music!

    1. Some folks don’t know how detrimental they are to the preservation of this genre. Whoever uploaded the entire album to YouTube, needs to remove it. I don’t know what they did when recording the album, but its as if they pitched the album higher than the original. The group sounds likes kids throughout the entire recording. It sounds horrible and is a bad representation since it sounds nothing like the original recording.

  5. Just a request for “Song of the Day” .. Do you have the original recording of “There’s a Miracle in the Making” by the Shepherds? Would be from their album ‘Love Offering’. Thanks

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