Southern Gospel Tidbits

hoppers1975burythehatchetmaxDID YOU KNOW?:  Southern Gospel album titles have always been fairly generic, either titled after a particular song on the album or a nice phrase.  Then there are instances where you look and wonder, what were they thinking?  Sure you have a title like the Booth Brothers, The Blind Man Saw It All (2005), that Southern Gospel listeners are familiar with because they know it is a song title as well.  But, think about it from someone who may not be familiar with Southern Gospel music and they came across that album title.  A few other interesting titles through the years have been 1686 Pounds Of Gospel (1974, Kingsmen), A Flight Without An Airplane (1983, Primitive Quartet), Bubblin’ (1981, Hinsons), Crazy ‘Bout You (1995, Del Way), Heavenly High (1993, Bruce Haynes), On Fire (1990, Dixie Melody Boys); if you were reading that literally, On The War Path (2000, Jody Brown Indian Family) and Sending Up Some Boards (1978, Dixie Melody Boys).  But if there was an award for most awkward Southern Gospel album title ever it would have to go to the Hopper Brothers & Connie for their 1975 recording, Lord Help Me Bury The Hatchet.

The song: “Lord Help Me Bury The Hatchet“.


3 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. I love it! Never heard this before. Connie could have been a huge country singer back in the day. I hear a lot of Loretta in there.

    1. You should here her on a live album around this same time period performing Dottie Rambo’s, “When I Lift Up My Head”. I may have to include that as the song of the day so you can hear it.

      1. Sounds great, and yes it is a crazy album title. But, I’ll have to say more interesting and eye catching than say Blessed or Songs From The Heart.

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