Enter To Win: Friday Fun Giveaway

kingsmen1991wishyouwereheremaxWelcome to another weekend.  The NCAA basketball tournament is in full swing.  Thanks to those who decided to participate.  With the start of the weekend, it is time to go into the prize bag and give away another CD.

This week’s selection is the Kingsmen’s 1991, RiverSong Records, release; Wish You Were Here.

Song list of Wish You Were Here:  (1) “Wish You Were Here”  (2) “Bought By The Blood”  (3) “Ring Out The Welcome”  (4) “Prodigal Son”  (5) “We Represent The King”  (6) “I Just Stopped By (On My Way Home)”  (7) “God’s In Command”  (8) “Anthony’s Salute To The Troops”  (9) “I’ll Be Satisfied”  (10) “Child Of The King”.

Remember all CDs being given away are used (but I have been the only owner).  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) the correct answer will win.  Please identify the following five Kingsmen songs of the past.  I will need actual titles.  Good luck.


This is the second week in a row there have been no winner in the weekly giveaway.  Is the answers too hard or are you not interested in free music?  Either way here were the answers to his particular musical montage.

  1. “We May Be Leaving” (Stand Up At Opryland USA, 1986)
  2. “My God Knows What I Need” (Live…Naturally, 1981)
  3. “We Do Not Die” (Chattanooga Live, 1977)
  4. “It Made News In Heaven” (It Made News In Heaven, 1976)
  5. “Glory Road” (Big & Live, 1973)

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