Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

legacyfive1999stronginthestrengthmaxAnother Friday, another free music give away.  Today I went in to the prize bag and pulled out Legacy Five’s debut 1999 recording, Strong In The Strength.  Remember all CDs being given away are used (but I have been the only owner).

Song list on Strong In The Strength:  (1) “Salvation Is The Miracle To Me”  (2) “A Vessel Of Mercy”  (3) “God’s Love”  (4) “I Stand Redeemed”  (5) “Strong In The Strength”  (6) “Ever Since He Came”  (7) “We Are Home”  (8) “Travelin’ Shoes”  (9) “That’s What Grace Is For”  (10) “Stepping Out On The Water”  (11) “I Believe”  (12) “You’d Better Run”  (13) “Forgive”.

Legacy Five’s first big song from this recording was “I Stand Redeemed”.  Today’s musical montage will contain all songs that have the word, Redeemed, in the title.  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) the correct answer will win Strong In The Strength.  Name the five artists in the musical montage where ‘Redeemed’ is included in the title of the song.


There was no winner for this particular CD.  Either I made it a bit too hard or no one is interested in Legacy Five.  Either way I will throw this CD back in the prize bag and there is a chance I can pull it back out at a future giveaway.  The answer to the musical montage was as follows:

  1. Poet Voices – “I Am Redeemed” (Trust The Truth, 1997)
  2. Kingdom Heirs – “I’ve Been Redeemed” (Steppin’ On The Bright Side, 1989)
  3. Squire Parsons – “He Redeemed Me” (He Redeemed Me, 1983)
  4. Martins – “I’ve Been Redeemed” (Marks Of The Trade, 1991)
  5. Greenes – “Redeemed” (Legacy, 2014)

2 thoughts on “Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

  1. Who is the tenor on this recording of “I Stand Redeemed?” I have the song on another CD that they put 2 together on….no photos included. I like their first tenor’s rendition (Josh), and still like the tenor who replaced him, too. So that’s the reason for my question, Steve.
    Thanks. It’s challenging to keep up on things like this with all the personnel changes that happen.

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