Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  Southern Gospel songwriter Felecia Shiflett penned a song in 1985 titled, “Called Out”.  The Kingsmen recorded the song on their 1985 recording Better In Person.  By 1986 the song hit the Singing News top 40 chart.  Not only did the Kingsmen’s version land in the top ten, but a relatively unknown group out of northern Georgia, by the name of Liberty, also had a top ten hit with the same song at the same time.

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8 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. Liberty was Felicia’s group. Both were great versions! Felicia is now married to former Nelon drummer and fellow big 80s SG writer, Sandy Knight’s, brother, Aubrey Stephens.

      1. Two different groups used the name at the same time. Charlie Sexton would be the expert, but the story he posted before is that the all male group that he would eventually join was nicknamed the Red Coats (they were bright red coats a lot). This part I’m not so sure on, but I want to think that Felecia’s group was referred to as Felecia and Liberty.

      2. Typo in my first comment that I REALLY wish I could edit… they wore bright red coats, not were bright red coats.

  2. According to my chart records, Liberty’s version of the tune actually started out on the charts earlier than the Kingsmen’s cut. I’m sure Liberty’s cut peaked at #7. Maybe the Kingsmen’s cut went higher. Can’t verify that right now.

    This popularity paved the way for several other hits for Felicia especially from the Freemans. Songs like “Always”, “Number One Love”, “Going Back”, and “He’ll Keep You Through” not only helped Felicia’s rise to acclaim, but also helped the Freemans as well. One of my favorite songs Felicia wrote is “God Never Makes a Mistake.”

    Thanks, Steve, for featuring this trivia tidbit.

    1. Yeah, I know in November 1985, Liberty’s version was at #7 and the Kingsmen was at #9, even though the Kingsmen’s version overtook Liberty’s version and ended up charting slightly higher.

  3. All of the DJ’s told them that the song had enough points to be a number one song and that more people called in requesting their version of it but because they were a little “unknown group” they just split the points between the both of them. One month Liberty would have it at #5 and The Kingsmen at #6 and then the next month it would flip flop the other way. The group also hailed from Griffin, Georgia not North GA. Liberty’s first recording was in September 1981. The group “Liberty Quartet” (North Georgia) first recorded in November 1981. Liberty went on to record 5 projects, 3 for Wayne Gaskin at Windchime Records and 2 done independently. Felecia did pen many great songs with my favorite being “Going Back” by the Freemans…Although I did liked Liberty’s version better…no offense Chris…anointed songs that are still touching hearts.

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