What If?

Back in October, I started a series titled ‘What If?’.  I began the series discussing the what if scenario of the Oak Ridge Boys never leaving the Gospel music industry for mainstream Country music.  In today’s what if scenario, I wanted to offer this little gem.

What if Bill Gaither never started the Homecoming phenomenon in the 1990’s?  How would the Southern Gospel music industry be different?  How much impact do you believe the Homecoming videos had on Southern Gospel music during the 1990’s?

I’ll open up the floor.  What are your thoughts on this what if scenario?

*Video Credit (GaitherVEVO)


One thought on “What If?

  1. Barring some other phenomena happening, production quality would have plateaued or continued to deteriorate. At the point the videos started, the prominent record companies were producing sub-par and often 8 song projects. The inspirational, pop and modern country influences would likely be less. There was a lower quality super spiritual mentality in the top SG music in the late 80s and early 90s (not counting music being put out by Canaan, Riversong, and Homeland). Even some better groups like The Talleys who pushed the boundaries were being passed over for some of those that fell in the aforementioned category. The top SG media at the time pushed this agenda.

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