Voting Rounds: Search For Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1960’s

I want to thank those who nominated songs for this years annual series; In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song.  Today’s voting rounds will cover the decade of the 1960’s.  There were (40) songs nominated to represent the 1960’s.  I broke it down to four groups of ten.  Links to each song is provided so you can hear them, if you happen to not be familiar with a particular song.  Here are the rules for voting.

  1. All readers of this blog can participate.
  2. Please vote in each poll.
  3. You get three choices in each poll.  Be sure to select three choices in each of the four polls.
  4. The top five songs in each poll by vote tally will advance to round two.

1960’s – Poll 1:

  1. “Because He Lives”
  2. “Child Of The King”
  3. “Close To The Master”
  4. “For God So Loved”
  5. “Getting Ready Today”
  6. “Until Then”
  7. “Until You’ve Known The Love Of God”
  8. “Walk With Me”
  9. “Who Am I”
  10. “Without Him”

1960’s – Poll 2:

  1. “Had It Not Been”
  2. “He Is Mine And I Am His”
  3. “He Looked Beyond My Fault”
  4. “He Touched Me”
  5. “How Big Is God”
  6. “Thanks To Calvary”
  7. “The Holy Hills”
  8. “The Longer I Serve Him”
  9. “Til The Storm Passes By”
  10. “Too Much To Gain”

1960’s – Poll 3:

  1. “I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary”
  2. “I Can Tell You The Time”
  3. “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”
  4. “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now”
  5. “If That Isn’t Love”
  6. “Searchin”
  7. “Sheltered In The Arms Of God”
  8. “Sweet Sweet Spirit”
  9. “Sweeter As The Days Go By”
  10. “Thank God I’m Free”

1960’s – Poll 4:

  1. “If The Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side”
  2. “I’ll Meet You In The Morning”
  3. “I’m Free”
  4. “I’m Too Near Home”
  5. “Jesus Is Coming Soon”
  6. “Little Is Much”
  7. “Night Before Easter”
  8. “Old Country Church”
  9. “Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference”
  10. “On The Sunny Banks”

2 thoughts on “Voting Rounds: Search For Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1960’s

  1. Steve, this reply only goes to you, right? Just a note to let you know that Gettin’ Ready Today was written by Joe Hatfield only. It was published by Rambo Music and recorded by the Rambos, but Dottie did not co-write it with him. Joel Hatfield sang with the Rambos when they were the Gospel Echoes in the early 60s. By the way, I liked your links to the actual song performance. That added a nice touch.

    Thanks, Jerry Boor

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