In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 2010’s

This is final week in our nominating process to search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  It is time to start listing the best Southern Gospel songs from the current decade of the 2010’s.  Be sure to only include songs from 2010-present.  Next week will begin our voting rounds.

Here are the rules.

  1. Every reader of this blog can participate
  2. During the nomination process, list as many songs you feel should be considered for the decade in question.
  3. Be sure the song chosen for consideration was introduced to Southern Gospel listeners for the decade in question.
  4. List all nominees for consideration in the comments section.
  5. During the older decades (60’s/70’s), it doesn’t matter the artist of the song, just the song itself.

I will start the process with a few songs for consideration for the decade of the 2010’s.

  • “Falling”
  • “Good News From Jerusalem”
  • “Never Walk Alone”
  • “Voice In The Desert”
  • “Waiting In The Water”

*Video Credit (Lisa Marie)


4 thoughts on “In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 2010’s

  1. There Is A Way – The Nelons
    I’m Going Home With Jesus – Nelons
    More Than Wonderful – Nelons
    He Didn’t Just Carry A Cross He Carried Me – Hoppers
    On the Banks On The Promised Land – Karen Peck & New River
    Sing Me THe Story – The Taylors
    Joybells-The Taylors
    Tired Of Living Unforgiven – Adam Crabb
    Heartbeat of God – Crabb Revival
    Finish Well – Karen Peck & New River
    Excuse Me Are You Jesus-Nelons
    Take Him To The Place – Aaron & Amanda Crabb
    Jason Crabb – Love Is Stronger

  2. I Still Glory in the Cross- Bowling Family
    Unspoken Request- McKameys
    Oh, Yes I Am- Kingsmen Quartet
    I Know a Man Who Can- Greater Vision
    For All He’s Done- Greater Vision
    I’ll Take You Home- Hoppers
    I’ll Trust the Potter’s Hand- Whisnants
    Christ Is Still the King- Legacy Five
    Masterpiece of Mercy- Booth Brothers
    Loving Shepherd, Gracious God- Kingsmen Quartet
    Jesus Will- Wilburn & Wilburn
    Don’t Start Doubting Now- Dunaways
    Didn’t I Walk on the Water?- Dunaways
    When There’s No Hope, There Is Grace- Dunaways
    We Will Stand Our Ground- Kingdom Heirs
    I’ll Know I’m Home- Kingdom Heirs
    I Got a Hold of God This Morning- Perrys
    Love Came Calling- Triumphant Quartet
    I Want to Be That Man- Brian Free & Assurance
    Why Can’t We- Isaacs
    I Wanna Be There- Isaacs
    Make Way for the Master- Talleys
    The Message of the Cross- Browders
    Praise You in This Valley- Browders
    If There Ever Was a Time- Crabb Family
    Lord of Life- Gold City Quartet
    I Know My Way- Freemans
    Hallelujah- Shepherds

  3. Say Amen – Brian Free and Assurance
    Never, No Never – Joseph Habedank
    I’ll Take It To the Grave – Mark Trammell Quartet
    Lord I’m Thankful – Perrys
    Where Amazing Happens – Taranda Greene
    How Great His Love For Me – Collingsworth Family
    That’s Why – EHSS
    Meanwhile Back at the Cross – Gordon Mote

  4. Long Live the King – Old Paths
    Here Comes Sunday – Wilburn and Wilburn
    Borrowed and Barely Used Tomb – Anchormen
    Count Me In – Hoppers
    I’ll Take It – Jeff and Sheri Easter
    But for the Cross – Lefevre Quartet
    Way Past Ready – Mark Trammell Quartet
    Whosoever Will – Perrys
    Broken World – Talleys
    Up Above – Talleys
    Tell the Mountain – Collingsworth Family
    I Won’t Trade My Crown – Down East Boys
    Never too Broken to Belong – Gold City
    That’s All I Need – Kingsmen
    Ask Me Why – Legacy Five
    Living in the Palace – Legacy Five
    God Builds Churches with Broken People – Mark Bishop
    Blue Skies Coming – Perrys
    Homecoming Day – Tribute
    Almost Home – Triumphant
    I See Grace – Booth Brothers
    The Part Where You Come In – Brian Free and Assurance
    Greatly Blessed – GVB

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