In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 2000’s

This is week five in our nominating process to search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  It is time to start listing the best Southern Gospel songs from the decade of the 2000’s.  Be sure to only include songs from 2000-2009.  I will have one final nominating round next week for the 2010’s.

Here are the rules.

  1. Every reader of this blog can participate
  2. During the nomination process, list as many songs you feel should be considered for the decade in question.
  3. Be sure the song chosen for consideration was introduced to Southern Gospel listeners for the decade in question.
  4. List all nominees for consideration in the comments section.
  5. During the older decades (60’s/70’s), it doesn’t matter the artist of the song, just the song itself.

I will start the process with a few songs for consideration for the decade of the 2000’s.

  • “Four Days Late”
  • “He Saw It All”
  • “I Can Pray”
  • “Safe Thus Far”
  • “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master”

*Video Credit (hopesfan)


2 thoughts on “In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 2000’s

  1. Perrys:
    I Rest My Case at the Cross
    I Wish I Could Have Been There
    If You Knew Him
    He Will Hide Me
    I Know It Was the Blood

    Crabb Family:
    Through the Fire (recorded in 99, #1 in summer 2000)
    He Came Looking for Me
    The Reason That I’m Standing
    The Cross
    Don’t You Wanna Go?

    What You Took from Me
    Even in the Valley
    New Day Dawning
    Is Anything Too Hard for God?

    Yes, I Am
    He Erased It

    Legacy Five:
    I Found Grace
    I Stand Redeemed (recorded in 99, peaked in top 10 in summer 2000)
    I’ve Been Changed

    Kingdom Heirs:
    I Know I’m Going There
    Forever Changed
    What We Needed

    The Healer
    The Broken Ones
    Jesus Saves
    His Life for Mine
    Life Goes On

    He Knows My Name
    There Is a Remedy

    Greater Vision:
    He’s Still Waiting by the Well
    God Wants to Hear You Sing
    It Pays to Pray
    He Is to Me

    Made by Mercy
    Lord, It Hurts, but You’re Still God

    Primitive Quartet:
    No Longer an Orphan
    Hallelujah, He’s Risen

    Mark Trammell Trio:
    Loving the Lamb
    Once upon a Cross

    Gold City Quartet:
    God Handled It All
    Truth Is Marching On
    Are You Ready?
    Calvary Conquers It All
    Get Up, Get Ready

    Gaither Vocal Band:
    A Picture of Grace

    There are more I’m sure. I just can’t remember them all. 😉

  2. I have been out of town so I may be too late with my nominations. Just in case this post is still open here are some that come to my mind.

    You Must Have Meet Him – Brian Free and Assurance
    Die Another Day – Brian Free and Assurance
    The Son Came Down – Inspirations
    Born to Climb – Jeff and Sheri Easter
    The Empty Tomb Says it All – Kingdom Heirs
    God Saw A Cross – Kingsmen
    Let the Truth Be Told – Paid In Full
    Almost Morning – Perrys
    Somebody Died for Me – Triumphant
    I’ll Pray for You – Whisnants
    Welcome to the Family – Booth Brothers
    Reason Enough – EHSS
    By Your Grace, For Your Glory – Gold City
    You Were Faithful Yesterday – Greater Vision
    The Rose – Inspirations
    I’ll Do the Miracle – Ivan Parker
    When God Ran – Kingsmen
    Jesus Saves – Lefevre Quartet
    I Believe God – Brian Free and Assurance
    Praying Man – Brian Free and Assurance
    He Choose Me – Freemans
    When God Has Another Plan – Greenes
    We’ve Weathered Storms Before – Greenes
    Yahweh – Hoppers
    Waiting for My Ride – Hoppers
    I Choose – Ivan Parker
    Last Night – Karen Peck and New River
    I Want You to Know – Kingdom Heirs
    The Great I Am Still Is – Triumphant
    If It Takes a Valley – Brian Free and Assurance
    I Will Go On – GVB
    I Have Not Forgotten – Inspirations
    If You Only Knew – inspirations
    God Can Save Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime – Kingsmen
    A Greater Yes – Whisnants
    What the Storm Doesn’t Know – Paid In Full
    Don’t Let the Sandels Fool You – Triumphant
    Stand By Me – EHSS

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