Better Days – Jordan Family Band

jordanfamilyband2015betterdaysGRADE:  B+

  • Album – Better Days
  • Artist – Jordan Family Band
  • Label – Lamp Music Group
  • Style – Traditional, Country, Progressive
  • Release Date – 12/30/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)


I am always on the search for quality new Southern Gospel music.  In 2014, I found the Horn Family (had one of the top twenty albums of the year) and in 2013 it was the Wisecarvers (also one of the top twenty albums of that year).  In 2015, the year starts with another new artist, the Jordan Family Band.

The group was brand new to me when I listened to their new album, Better Days.  Released on December 30, 2014, I will include this album as part of my 2015 review year, eligible for my annual countdown this year.

The Jordan Family Band is a husband/wife and their three sons.  Josh Jordan (father) is acoustic/rhythm guitar player and sings harmony vocals.  Randa Jordan (mother) is the group’s featured vocalist with a commanding power vocal.  Hutch Jordan (15 years old) plays lead guitar and sings various leads/harmony and also writes several songs the group performs.  Alex Jordan (9) plays mandolin and sings tenor/harmony.  Finally, Grant Jordan (7) adds harmony vocals to the group.


  • I was absolutely blown away by the quality/production/song selection of a group I had never heard before.  When the album starts, as a listener, you think you are in for a country-style recording, but the group surprises you by performing an outstanding Southern Gospel, ‘shout down the walls’, type song.
  • The song I am talking about and one the group better release as a radio single; “My God Is So Good To Me”.  Randa delivers this song with conviction, but the tenor harmony of young Alex Jordan on the chorus takes this song to another level.  An early favorite for best recorded song of 2015.  A must listen!
  • Another song that Randa performs with perfection is a standard Southern Gospel, exquisitely produced, song; “Where’s He’s Already Been”.  This would also make for a great Southern Gospel radio single.
  • Just when you think you’ve got this group’s style figured out, Randa turns in a nice blues style performance on “Can’t Lost For Winning”.
  • Young Alex Jordan’s tenor vocal is used prominently throughout the recording and he gets a feature on “Still Fall Short”.  This is an outstanding song, something a listener wouldn’t expect from a nine-year old.
  • Father Josh Jordan gets a lead on the traditional country, “Free”.  A style right out of Jeff & Sheri Easter’s playbook, fans of this style will love this song.
  • I’m sure the reader can already tell how much I enjoyed this recording.  Southern Gospel artists like to trot out their kids on stage to perform and play to the crowd.  Let’s all admit, most of the time it is awful but there are those instances when the kids start singing and you know mama and daddy’s been teaching these kids how to sing.  That is exactly what you get from the Jordan Family Band.  These kids are talented!
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “My God Is So Good To Me”, “Still Fall Short”, “Where He’s Already Been”, “Can’t Lose For Winning”, “Free”, “When He Was Giving His Life” and “Down On My Knees”.
  • As with any kids on a recording, the listener can hear growth/maturity that will only come with age, but what these kids are already providing listeners is pretty good.
  • The only song that fell flat with me was the ‘big tent revival’ traditional country-style tune; “Sawdust Trail”.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Sawdust Trail” and “I Go With The Lord”.


2015 is off to a pretty good start in terms of recordings.  Anytime I can find a new artist that is worth a review, I cherish that because they are few.  If you as a listener also enjoy finding new talent, give the Jordan Family Band a listen.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you hear!

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Better Days”/Alex; Randa with Morrison Sisters – Josh Jordan  2. “Can’t Lose For Winning“/Randa – Josh Jordan  3. “My God Is So Good To Me”/Randa – Josh Jordan  4. “Free”/Josh – Josh Jordan  5. “Still Fall Short”/Alex – Jeff Morrison, Randy Morrison  6. “Where He’s Already Been”/Randa – Josh Jordan, Randa Jordan  7. “I Go With The Lord”/Hutch – Marty Funderburk  8. “When He Was Giving His Life”/Randa with Darrin Vincent – Josh Jordan  9. “Sawdust Trail”/Josh – Josh Jordan  10. “Down On My Knees”/Alex; Randa – Ben Jordan, Fain Jordan, Josh Jordan

*Video Credit (Diana Brantley)


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