In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1990’s

This is week four in our nominating process to search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  It is time to start listing the best Southern Gospel songs from the 1990’s.

Here are the rules.

  1. Every reader of this blog can participate
  2. During the nomination process, list as many songs you feel should be considered for the decade in question.
  3. Be sure the song chosen for consideration was introduced to Southern Gospel listeners for the decade in question.
  4. List all nominees for consideration in the comments section.
  5. During the older decades (60’s/70’s), it doesn’t matter the artist of the song, just the song itself.

I will start the process with a few songs for consideration for the decade of the 1990’s.

  • “Here I Am”
  • “Jesus Has Risen”
  • “Please Forgive Me”
  • “Under His Wings”
  • “Wish You Were Here”

3 thoughts on “In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1990’s

  1. Roses Will Bloom Again (Jeff & Sheri)
    Do You Know How It Feels (McKameys)
    It Came To Pass (Martins)
    Not Even A Stone (Perry’s)
    As A Matter Of Fact (Mullins)
    If Anybody Knows (Talleys)
    I Will Rise Up From My Grave (Kingsmen)
    Mention My Name (Hoppers)
    I Am A Christian (Greenes)
    They’ll Never Crucify Him Again (Greenes)
    What A Change (Nelons)
    You Don’t Have To Leave Hungry (Heaven Bound)
    He Is Mine (Greater Vision)

  2. One Scarred Hand Gold City
    I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is Nelons
    Wedding Music Cathedrals
    When He Takes My Hand Nelons
    He Is Here Talleys
    There Is A Name Talleys
    From The Depths Of My Heart Isaacs
    How Many More Miracles Nelons
    Anchor to The Power Of The Cross Hoppers
    I Need You More Today Bishops
    Serenaded By Angels Kirk Talley
    God Likes To Work Karen Peck & New River
    When Jesus Passes By Karen Peck & New River
    You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God Bishops
    Shouting Time Hoppers
    Yes I Know Gaither Vocal Band
    I’m Not Giving Up Gold City
    Trail of Tears Crabb Family
    Don’t Stop Praying For Me Kelly Nelon Thompson

  3. Some great songs have already been listed. Here are a lot more that come to my mind.

    There Rose a Lamb – Gold City
    If God Be For Us – Gold City
    Calvary Came Through – Gold City
    Show Me The Cross – Gold City
    God’s Building a Church – Gold City
    It’s Still the Cross – Gold City
    Healing – Cathedrals
    He Made a Change – Cathedrals
    Jesus Saves – Cathedrals
    My Name is Lazarus – Greater Vision
    Somebody Touched the Lord – Perfect Heart
    Jesus Built a Bridge – Poet Voices
    I Am Redeemed – Poet Voices
    Still Holdin On – Crabb Family
    God Is Good – Gaither Vocal Band
    Hello In Heaven – Freemans
    He’d Still Been God – Freemans
    For God So Loved – Brian Free and Assurance
    Out of His Great Love – Martins

    I’m sure I will think of more later, but this is probably more than enough for now.

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